Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hob Organ Earring

Live out of your imagination, not your history.
Stephen Covey

YUP.  Stay with it-  it gets better towards the end, and the end trailer is good too.  But I am a long time TED fan, and will basically drink any flavor of their KoolAid.

Another thing I have been meaning to post, is the Incomplete Manifesto for Change by Bruce Mau.  But I think I'll do it in increments so we can ponder each point before given more than we can handle all at once.  This is more an exercise for me than you, but you're welcome to tag along!  Here: (and they will be in red each time.  Also I am starting at the back end and working forward to the beginning)

Power to the people. Play can only happen when people feel they have control over their lives. We can’t be free agents if we’re not free.
now we have to think about this...........................................................

 Now the Jewelry Section-  don't be coming here if you're looking for diamonds and such, because this is more to my liking-  a necklace made by copying the sound waves from a  favorite song!  This looks like lucite or something sparkly-  isn't it cool?
 The Waveform Necklace by Berlin-based designer David Bizer is a cool custom necklace that is created using an audio recording of a voice. The necklaces can be ordered from Bizer in acrylic, wood or silver and are strung on leather, PVC or elastic . Bizer has also recently provided a detailed tutorial on Instructables to make the necklace at home.

Another ear oddity?  Nope, a teensy ear earring that gives a certain mutated look if that's where you're going.  The etsy seller also has wee noses and lips and a tiny penis necklace if that's your thang.

Absurdist painter Paco Pomet has updated his website with eight new paintings (my favorites above).  Make sure to click the thumbnails for detail, as the surprise of each painting is often in the smallest of details.  

And finally, I have a sheet I'm going to enlarge and keep on my person as I go walking around here-  it shows me how to save myself wrestling an alligator.  Think I should commit it to memory?  Kind of like Twister without the colored circles, isn't' it?  

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mary beth frezon said...

That TED talk was fascinating and scary all at once. I liked his sense of humor (?) but he certainly made his point. I don't think we're at all ready to handle the scientific info and technology that is approaching us.

RE: play. My first feeling was that play requires time and that if you're struggling to survive you won't have time/energy for play but that didn't seem right even as I thought about it. People who have to work very hard and directly to survive still play. People who feel they have to deal with everything around them in order to survive probably don't. The former does indeed have a sense of control, the latter much less so. Here I'd say that control is more along the lines of "having a sense of your place in the world and knowing the order of things" (maybe "I know how things work") rather than "I'm in control of everything in my life".

I think I understand and agree with the statement but I think "control" might be confusing if they actually mean "knowledge" or "ability to change and decide".