Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Afternoon,

 under the influence of a Father's Day Bloody Mary and a bit of live music saxaphone.
It's annoying that you can't have everything that you want now, but your problems may vanish if you can fool yourself into believing that all is well. Denial will not bring happiness and ignorance shouldn't be mistaken for bliss. Do whatever is necessary to get the facts. Only after you know what's really going on will you be ready to make the best decision.
Well well well.  Met our real estate lady yesterday and she's going to come assess the situation at the condo.  we need to know the minimum that should be done to sell this puppy, we need to know what it might be worth, and then we need to start the work to get to the point that we can list it.  Will probably take years to get it fixed up since I don't have a tv crew available this weekend to make it so cool that I decide not to leave.  So, that dear folks, if you still read this drivvel (drivvle?) is my impending decision.  Doesn't look like even if the decision is AYE that we will get our acts in gear this season.  Plus, living with a Libra has some disadvantages, like this weekend we were on the Cape for a wedding, and as we're driving hither and yon, he announces we should buy a house there.  Well, OK, if it was 20 years ago maybe, but WTF?  I am trying to DIVEST, not INvest.  I don't need 8 more rooms of stuff to watch over and worry about.  The simple leak that has bubbled the paint on one small wall in our current living room has us both boggled as to what to do.  So I kept my mouth shut knowing full well that it's 'Out of sight, out of mind' in this circumstance.  Get him off the Cape and all memories of how pretty it is will vanish.  Perhaps if it persists beyond the bridge (doubtful), I will suggest renting for a month.  That should cure him.  Besides, no one in their right mind would take a renter with two (count 'em) two dogs.  I'm safe.

Today, in preparation for cleaning out the closets and drawers so a likely buyer will think them plenty roomy, I cleaned out my pen collection.  I'm talking set after set of sharpies, markers, ball points, specialty pens, pencils, and fabric pencils, pens and markers.  I had two big baskets in the old studio, left over when I took the Good Stuff to Florida.  Got it whittled down to two pencil cups now, admittedly jammed a bit tight, but by the time we move, those should be nicely dried up too and ready to dump.  Next I think I'll clean out the pens in my desk... another big basket full.  I guess one might say I have a pen problem-  even I admit it after seeing the whole mass before me.  MY NAME IS SANDY AND I HAVE A PEN PROBLEM.  There ya have it, where's the church basement for that?

"I never saw the morning 'til l stayed up all night
I never saw the sunshine 'til you turned out the light
I never saw my hometown until l stayed away too long
I never heard the melody, until l needed a song"
tom waits

My plane leaves soon, it will be hot again by tonight when I am allowed to DEplane.  If you're on my flight stop by 4C and say 'hi', I'll share my blue potato chips if you get there before they are gone. And I'll be back in my real life by tomorrow morning.  I owe myself a couple of blogs, so stay tuned, I have not gotten lost.  I also owe myself a few nice long days in the studio, can't wait to get the twins quilt under control, not to mention all that internet mining I've been neglecting.  Maybe a bit o' Pinterest too.

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

My name is K and I have conquered the pen problem in my life. As a member of "Too Many Pens Anonymous" I am here for you anytime you need someone to listen and deal with your addiction.
I also will listen if you are a member of "Too Many Jars Of Paint Anonymous".
I can assure you time will solve your problem as it has mine. They have all dried out and I can no longer find a pen to sign a check with.