Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Untitled Hurried Post

Off in the cold wet rain today to go see the babies.  Gotta stop calling them that since they are now a preschooler and a toddler, not babies.  The cool thing is that the ages of 4 and 2 were the times I enjoyed most with my own kids, always sort of 'froze' them at that time because everything they did was cute or funny or a milestone.  It wasn't until later that the milestones turned into millstones...  So I have to relive those fun times and all the 'NO's' because it wont' be ling before the eye rolling starts and they go 'ewwwww' when someone says 'Grandma's here!'

In that light, I met my old friend Lisa yesterday and after I got over how great she looks, we poked around a bit in some shops and I found a couple of cute puppets to take today because I read the Granny Manual and it says no visit goes without a present, and both have to be of exactly equal value but different, and both have to be somehow related to the intended recipient to avoid those fights.  And tears.  Lord, I hate the tears.  And the screaming.  But I am going to soldier through today, race home to get to the airport to pick up TY, race back home to wait for our pick-up to go out to dinner with the other set of my kids.  They don't cry, at least not in front of me.  In fact they are quite fun to be around.

So, no pictures today, I haven't taken any since Bloomingdales and the Chinese restaurant aren't exactly photo-ops.  And I haven't had time to troll around my usual sites to indulge in my usual thievery.  Last night I met another friend for dinner out then back to her house for a crit meeting.  It was so good to be there but very little was shown.  One member had spent 2 weeks at Haystack and had an iPad full of great pictures of her class and the work they did-  I still want to do that someday.  She and her husband go regularly and love it.

No food here, have to stop at a diner for energy to hit the northlands.  And damn, I brought my usual wardrobe of tee shirts and levis, but it's so cold I'm wearing a winter jacket today!  It's been so warm in Florida that I guess I forgot that June in Boston, in spite of the tourist bureau, is NOT a good time to expect decent weather.  If it wasn't raining though, the bugs would be out, so I'm going to stop complaining.  For now.  More complaining, guaranteed, tomorrow.

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