Monday, June 18, 2012

Lair Album Seahorse

Being optimistic is a blessing, but you can float off into dreamland today with no obvious way to come back down to earth. The danger is that a balloon filled with too much hot air can explode. You could set yourself up for disappointment if your expectations are overinflated. Thankfully, talking with your friends and associates can help you balance your perspective as long as you're willing to listen.

Robert Genn the other day was talking about giving advice, which more sounds like critique-for-free.  Here are his methods, all of which are the way I was taught to runs critique session, so naturally I agree!

 I advise advice-givers to follow the advice of the Roman lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus, generally know as Horace: "Whatever advice you give, be brief."
1.  "Your work is interesting." You're safe here because all work, even bad work, is interesting.
2.  "This part is excellent." There's always a good part in any painting, and this observation relaxes the receiver and permits you to home in on what you think they need to know.
3.  Now comes the part where you need to be of optimum value to the asker. Try to figure out the one main thing you think might truly be of use to them. It may be about composition, drawing, colour or whatever. Try to make your advice specific, illuminating and memorable. Don't confuse people with lesser concerns.
 'Lias messing up every room he's in, and Hazel showing her portrait of a pig puppet I brought her (which was majorly good, proudly says the art teacher in me!)
Brown Eyed Kids
Black Eyed Dogs
I guarantee they are not dead here, 
but they are playing dead so well, like for an audition!

Never made it to the studio today, was too busy unpacking and cleaning the refrigerator and playing catch with the furry beasts without their squeakers.  I'm very tired.  Wish they would go fetch things instead of me just throwing them, the dogs bouncing around in excitement, and then ME going to fetch.  They don't seem to get that there are other ways.
And they now look like real Tibetans and smell good too.

Tomorrow I have a meeting, then a lunch, then dog-time, THEN I can get to the studio, can't wait.

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