Sunday, July 29, 2012

conceptual freedom concern

I always feel like the art's there and I just see it, so it's not really a lot of work. 

Flesh Color:  Take your Pantone Pick-

Today's Squirrel Watch, Salt and Pepper Squirrel Heads
 And the best stupid pet trick ever!  Wouldn't this be greg party entertainment?  Gonna get a pug...

For the last two days I've been internet-less except for brief glitches when I've been able to grab a little.  We've been having problems getting on that have gotten progressively worse over the last few months so I replaced my router with a big deal Mac Airport Extreme and couldn't get it to work for beans. I called the guy where I bought it and he came out IMMEDIATELY and spent two friggin hours trying to get it to work, took it back to the shop where it worked just fine, brought it back to us and reinstalled it and it didn't work again.  Took it off and put in a different one, only worked minimally.  He also checked out our phones and iPads and made sure all settings were where they should be before he left.  (There is a new shop here that is a certified Mac repair and teaching center and I really love the service there-  they replaced both my HD's last fall)  Finally the problem was traced back to the modem which in his terms, was 'ancient'.  SO, we called Comcast at 7 last night when the Mac guy left, to get a new modem and ---you won't believe this-  they promised to come out with the new on at 8 this morning, Sunday!  We didn't believe it for a minute.  He even called at 7:30 to say he would be 20 minutes late.  And he came with a new modem, installed it, crawled around the attic, reinstalled, tried to find the splitter and basically rewired and re-did our whole system.  It's now 10:30 and he just left-  2 more hours of 'simple installation'.  And I am redeemed for not being able to install something as simple as a new router.  

I now have BLAZING SPEED like I've never had but have been promised all these years.  And here I go on a surfing' safari to do all the things I haven't been able to on the home computers.  Like pay bills and not get bumped off every seven seconds. I am SO excited!  I am so  happy, now have to get back to Newton and do the same thing all over again up there since we have been piggybacking on a neighborhood student who doesn't use a password- bad me!

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