Saturday, July 14, 2012

Humanistic Monkish Scribe

You could run into a few snags today. A recent disappointment might seem like it's a big deal, but Mercury retrograde in your sign tells a slightly different story. You are being given time to review the details of what led you to the present moment. This isn't time for rest, so examine how the current blockages are symbolic of your own feelings. Awareness is the key; once you understand your role in creating the present situation, then you can steadily push on through to the other side.
And, snags it is!  I got to the studio at 8:30 this morning and the whole parking lot was empty save MY TWO parking places in front of my door where there is a big white pick-up parked diagonally across my spaces.  Now this isn't a big deal except that why the hell didn't he park in his own two spaces next door?  It's friggin Saturday, there is none in the whole lot!  I want my space...  I mean spaces... back.

This little guy and his strawberry is just a placeholder so you stick with this whole post to the bottom.
It will be worth it if you like turtles.  Or berries.  Or babies.  Anyway, hang in there.  Or here...

The reason I'm out so early is I had to drop the livestock at the groomers today early.  They go willingly but I know Gray Dog will put up a fight- he 'showed his teeth' last time we tried this and the groomer told me to work with him messing with his feet and face so he would get used to it.  Well, it's no problem at home, he loves me messing with his feet and face but still won't let me near his tummy.  I though all dogs liked a tummy rub.  Not Pepper.  Wish I knew the reason.  He won't sleep on his back like Molly does, won't play 'flip-the-doggie', and will not put up with any foolishness like trying to brush out a knot.  And with Tibetans that's an every-day process.  Anyway, I left him in the hands of the groomer who is terrific so we'll see how he makes it through the ordeal today.  I'm waiting for the call.

But, back to what's at hand-  working away on the twins, handwork, boring, listening to NPR but it's all reruns from yesterday, drat.  Fingers hurt, so I'll type for awhile:
 so many edges...
and a bit of the really crappy top edge I have to solve.

I've been working on the twins for 4 and a half hours now and am taking a break finally.  I have another folder of stuff to unburden myself of, all about stuff made with tape measures.  Ready?

Wristlet bag
Notepaper, scanned and enlarged
 Measuring Machete
 Amazing Fabulous Red-Soled Heels, I'm Lustful Here
 Toilet Paper
 Bracelets, both metric and the other one
 Watch band

Coiled up Measuring Tape Pendant Lamps
Big Yellow Folded Ball

Totebag and mini bag


Penis Shirt


Sandals.  oh oh.  I love these.

Lapel pin

And finally, a table runner!

(Still waiting for the groomer's call-  she is probably at the emergency ward after dealing with cute Pepper.  I'm worried...)

So, more critters, your reward for staying with it- a teensy turtle and his pet raspberry.  

This, BTW, is a different turtle and berry than the one above.

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Deanna said...

Love the tape measure shoes and bracelets. In fact, really like the table and chairs. Thanks for your collections. I'm emailing you a photo of my tape measure bird.