Friday, July 13, 2012

Says Warmly Suggest

You seem to be stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place today. You may even attempt to dig in your heels and make a strong stand for something that you believe in. Unfortunately, your extreme stubbornness won't necessarily help you make your point. Don't compromise your beliefs, but be prepared to negotiate about your actions.
Funny how these two random things are the same, isn't it?  Oh well.

Before I get serious or semi-serious, I have an 'OVERALLS' post which basically doesn't need any explanation, just overall posts I've accidentally encountered over the last few weeks.  Who know I would have an Overalls folder on the ole desktop...
too big for his britches
 soon to be too big for HER britches (with big black heels-!)
 runway street overalls (notice gold heels)
Wonder who is getting credit for this 'design'
 party overalls, do you know haw hard these things are to manage in a ladies room?
seeeductive lack of overalls-  I ain't fallen' for this.
 And finally, if they don't come with a snap crotch, you are too big to wear them!  This little guy-  or a farmer- is who they are made for, b'gosh.
_____________________________________that line again_________

If you're in NY in Chelsea, or anywhere near, stop by the Art Quilt Gallery some time before August 25th.  My good friend for over 30 years, Sylvia Einstein, now has a solo show there called 'Let the Fabric Speak'  I know many of you have taken her classes over the years and will love seeing her work all hanging together.  It looks fabulous from the photos people have been sending me- but frankly she probably could have filled several more rooms with just as wonderful work!  Here is a photo taken by another of my crit group members, Carol Grotrian who was able to be there at the opening last weekend:
Great exposure on the street, hope they picked up the trash!  While I was checking the website, I noticed that Lisa Call is next up with her show opening in September.  Since the wonderful Thirteen Moons changed direction, I think this is the only gallery in the country now working exclusively with art quilts.  Do what you can to support them.

Here's an interesting site that has a list and trailers of the 20 Top Movies for Art Buffs.  That would be us.  Most are available on Netflix, I know because I've seen all but 2.

This week I am scheduled to finally see the Wes Anderson movie, 'Moonlight Kingdom',

and a couple of grown women are after me to go to see 'Magic Mike', something I am SO not interested in!
They have a whole girl's night out in the works, a herd of women ready to rock and roll.  I have a wee problem with herds, and could care less about a man taking off his clothes and gyrating on film but I'm afraid I will be seen as an old prude if I decline.  I am thinking of going for the Mexican food and Margaritas first and then getting an excruciating headache (which will be the truth because it comes on just thinking of the evening!) and beating feet for home.

Meanwhile I have loved every Wes Anderson movie I've seen, and found this little chart of his iconic color palettes from his different efforts.  Much rather put my discounted movie rate fee towards a good color scheme!

I'm not talking about the studio because I'm not getting much accomplished to brag about.  Today I only have a short window this morning to get there so I'm trying to get things done so I can take advantage of even two hours.  Those twins are NOT sewing themselves down!  I'm pretty much down to the feet and have to make them some shoes to peek out.  I'm not looking forward to that part because getting perceived depth out of a piece of white satin without coloring it somehow is tough.  And that is what I am avoiding and procrastinating over.  Guess I'm not alone in these feelings of inadequacy because even Leonardo said:
I have offended God and mankind because my work didn't reach the quality it should have.
Imagine that.

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