Sunday, July 15, 2012

Right Citizen Laid

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.   Mark Twain

You are being tested today, and how you respond will have important consequences in the days ahead. Imagine that the complex situations that you encounter are speed bumps on the road of life. If you are moving ahead too fast, they might cause serious damage. But trouble can be averted if you see the obstacles far enough in advance. Take your cues from the feedback that reality is offering you and plan your course accordingly.
I have a few various and sundries today-  good to get them off the ole desktop, makes me feel like I am actually cleaning something.
 Innocent French toast maker that burns an image of Jesus on it.  perfect for Sunday mornings, eh?

 I am a fan of pickle tattoos, didn't even know it!

Where's the bull?
I can't believe people go here voluntarily.  Here's an interesting followup:
No bull, again.

Berlin firm ART+COM just completed this stunning new kinetic sculpture in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport in Singapore. Kinetic Rain consists of two sets of 608 suspended raindrops made from lightweight aluminum covered in copper which are raised and lowered in a 15-minute computationally designed choreography controlled from motors embedded in the ceiling. 
And introducing my very own DIY section which will appear sporadically when I find stuff that is necessary to know.  First up, installing LED sequins!

I can't wait to make something this would work on!  

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