Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inscriptionally Centered Rubicator

exerpts from the WSJ reviewing the book, 'How to Be Creative', John Lehrer
1.  A 2009 study found that subjects solved twice as many insight puzzles when surrounded by the color blue, since it leads to more relaxed and associative thinking.Red, on the other hand, makes people more alert and aware, so it's a better backdrop for solving analytic problems.
damn, I don't even like blue.

Breaking News:  Spiderman Can Sew!  (Oh- Did you make your LED sparkly light sets yet?)

And here is Spider-Gran who taught him everything:

and on another front, a newspaper article you should read:
Somebody got $10 for that.
If you get this new machine, there won't be any need to spank you, you'll be so cute:
When did dimples go obsolete?  How about freckles?  Curly hair?  OUT!  And red hair is definitely a sign of genetic instability these days with 'ginger' being shouted as an expletive.

a TED talk by an artist who performs a different kind of interactive taxidermy

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