Friday, August 31, 2012

charleston bootleg nicholson

"You can never have a greater or a less dominion than that over yourself."Leonardo

Not yet, but my eyes are open.  They don't do much damage to cement, and that's what I am mostly surrounded by.  Yesterday I was sitting and sewing bindings with the spiders and baby lizard that somehow took
ugh ugh ugh

up residence in the studio (didn't have the heart to vacuum him up on the hope that he would help me with the spiders.  Little guy was only about an inch long, barely noticeable.)  And it occurred to me that I could pack up the project and drag it home to work on into the night while watching some big-falutin' brainy documentary.  (OK, so I watched Bravo all night)  Anyway, I got around three+ sides and just have to finish up that last side and then sew down the four-piece sleeve.  The sleeve is made from old damask napkins in keeping with the back being an old tablecloth, that's why it's four pieces.  Finally my eyes gave out and I had to stop.

But today it's still here in front of me and I really am loving the IFC channel so I will slurp coffee and watch and finish this puppy up once and for all.  Haven't spent mornings at home in a long time, who knew?  Today is a Robert Redford, Helen Mirren movie where he is kidnapped by William Dafoe-  has me gripping my seat and stitching too fast!

From Latvia, a stealth art project!

Oh Joy! from kut on Vimeo.

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