Saturday, September 01, 2012

ague lass glendale forcible

A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.  Kurt Vonnegut

Got a theme going here, did you notice?  Here's the September 1st HORROR:

Be careful because you may be easily misled today by someone you trust. Keep in mind that no one is out to purposefully trick you, but others can inadvertently confuse you if they don't check all their facts. Furthermore, your logic is blurred by a sudden attraction to fame or fortune. But don't be distracted by the possibility of your name in lights. Forget about ego concerns and concentrate on taking care of business.

Somebody corrected the Jesus toast!

Did you miss it too?

So, I finished up the binding and the sleeve and the little pulled-out places on Four Turkeys.  I added a label on the back and it's ready to roll.  Literally.  I am gonna take it to the studio and roll it with the other 40 quilts that are similar sizes.  And then that log o' quilts will join the 40 OTHER logs o' quilts standing on end in the bathroom (my thinking is that if they are in there and the roof ever leaks they will be more protected than in the Big Room. Plus there isn't any light in there other than when I'm using it.)  Who knows.  What I would really like is to extend the bathroom ceiling into a loft space for storage of things I don't need to get at. But all I can think of is $$$ so that's on the back burner as a project.  But finally, it's the official debut of this:
OOps, I take that back, it needs blocking but I'll save that until it's on it's way out to something.

A prayer for the studio. 

And today's Squirrel-of-the-Day.

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Terry Grant said...

I just heard a story on NPR about catching and eating urban squirrels. I'm not eating that one above.