Sunday, September 23, 2012

actinolite feint immoderate

OK, so I am evangelical, but the damn contract doesn't wear out for months yet.

Intellectual passion drives out sensuality. Leonardo
 In my Bookbinding class we use the most amazing colored linen threads by Gutterman to hold our books together.  Because we're in Florida we can't use waxed thread since it spots other materials where it touches.  I think it would be fun to do an embroidery with it on heavy fabric, maybe burlap (which it just happens I have a whole hunk of currently lying on my table!)  Trouble is I can't find it here in the US. Will keep looking...  Meanwhile I have two jars of PVA that I have tried for days to open to no avail.  They are firmly glued shut and I do NOT want to split the plastic bottle to get at it!  Tonight I am gonna bring them both home and see if boiling water will loosen it up
(no hot water in studio, drat the luck.)
Keeps me from living there!

The Heifer Pitcher is a double-walled glass vessel made to hold and pour milk, cream or any other liquid. It was designed so the inside wall looks like cow udder, which will remind everyone who uses it that store-bought milk comes from a farm animal. It is available to purchase online at Chiasso.
I got a bit carried away today with umbrellas-  maybe because I have the damn things at every door ready to grab-  but these are decorative and installed all over the world!
Furled and unfurled with lights in Australia.  Check the shadows!
Flower shaped in Bellagio
And of course, Cristo's and Jean Claude's amazing California and Japanese displays.
This next piece so reminded me of the umbrella projects I just had to go find the images above to compare and contrast!  Maybe not actually umbrellas, but certainly

Jacob Hashimoto.  Go visit his site to see more installations, not umbrellas, with fabulous color.

Selfless little piggy saves drowning goat-let

No Squirrels, No Bunnies in this equation!  (Thanks Liza, this is a keeper)

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

Not that I really want you to live in your studio 24/7, but I can recommend a good electric water kettle for hot water. I got one (not the cheap plastic things that were amazing in my college days) for upstairs which means no running up and downstairs for a simple cup of tea. They are fast, efficient, turn off automatically when the water boils - who needs anything else?

Mine's similar to this and I remember a similar price - but they lift off the heater and are safe to use anywhere.