Saturday, September 22, 2012

cepheus assignee lilian

But I'm more interested in why people are frightened by Jaws and why Jaws was such a hit than saying Spielberg's my main influence. Damien Hirst 
Yesterday, The Day of Exile
Told you I was in the studio with my two 'assistant barkers' at 7:30 AM yesterday.  My main goal was to finish the jacket but instead I got all tied up working on a new book of circles-  OK, so it might not be such a compelling idea for you, but it is for me!  I've been saving images for a couple of years and suddenly it seemed OK to start DOING something with them.  I did a lot of printing and cutting shapes for a couple of hours and then WHAMMO, the #@$%^&*() printer ran out of ink.  I hate it when that happens, this particular printer calls the whole thing empty when maybe just one cartridge is gone.  My other printer, the antique 2200 up in MA, just tells me to replace the one that's empty.  Another little thing I love about that poor old printer-  I think it may be 10 years old now.  I really need it here in the studio so I will send it down, hope it's not too old to make the trip!  Of course the money would probably be better spent to simply buy the right computer for what I need now.  But I was marooned there without a car so I actually did work on the jacket a bit more but my heart wasn't in it.

The pressure cleaners were finished by about 3 so I was picked up and came home to a bright and shiny clean house-  they did the roof, the driveway, the courtyard, even the cushions on the lawn furniture!  I am mildew free. Of course it poured all night and is thundering now so the cushions will get a nice long chance to develop new mildew in just one day!  I have a rubber lifesize iguana I keep in the courtyard-  move him around at my whim, peeking out of bushes, under the lounge, on the top step of the pool-  he was practically black after all these years and he got pressure washed too and is now back to bright green!  These guys were great, I would have *never* asked them to clean my iguana...

Artist Kehinde Wiley on his series- 'The World Stage: Israel'

The Artist Known as Junk King, we know this because it's tattooed on his hands.

And a third artist du jour:
 Under sea mystery crop circle-like formations found by Japanese photographer 80 feet down.  After extensive study it was found to be built by THIS artist, a wee fishy who wallows in the sand to create these forms to attract a mate.  Who knew...  
Anyway, the ridges attract the female who then lays her eggs in the protection of the circle.  More information is HERE.  Ain't nature grand?  

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