Sunday, September 09, 2012

anorthic convair kittenish

I've noticed lately that the search for the Muse has DEvolved into a cute baby animal blog, certainly not the direction I consciously want to go. From now on there will be a limit to animal posts- 1 per entry, and that includes my own menagerie.  Of course if there happens to be an animal included in somebody else's art, that's not part of the quota because I don't like to see 'cute' in my preferred art.  So, Away We Go (yeah, I'm dating myself) on the Newly Serious and Hardly Improved blog:

Our understanding is correlative to our perception. 

 Found this image over on fb of a spectacular parquet floor being installed-  I can't imagine all the fussy cutting to make a straight edge on both sides.  How cool will this be when it's stained an varnished?  And of course I am lusting after it because I can't have it!
 Obviously it's based on Escher's tesselations of lizards, though it's been somewhat simplified with the legs shortened and the tail lengthened.

Oh oh.  I'm only on my first subject ad my Animal-of-the-Day has appeared already!  That means no squirrels, folks, hope you're not reading this for the squirrels.  Sorry.  Apparently we are going through a second hatching of lizards around here in Florida.  I don't know much about the different brands we have, but this past week I have noticed the smallest little guys darting about, less than an inch long, and bunches of them.  They are just as fast and just as secretive as their big relatives- big being the operative word since they are mostly about 6" long.  There are a few varieties, the kind that have tails that curl up over their backs, that get to be over a foot but other than one that lives right outside my garage door waiting to dash in for the  bug stash in there, I don't see them often.  The dogs completely ignore them all though they jump when surprised by their darting around.  Like me.
Back in the studio I am still deconstructing the consignment store men's jacket, and it's taking forever. 

 And LOOK what I discovered inside-  Kilgore Trout, one of my favorite continuing characters from all the Vonnegut books I read a hundred years ago!  Ill put this back in when I finish.

 The beautiful woven linen is very hard to take stitches out of without cutting the fibers so it's slow going.  I made a pattern for the side front from an old orange blazer so I am really seeing the differences in a women's and a men's garment and I am somewhat losing faith I can cut a new one from the old, especially saving the whole collar assembly intact.  Project Runway will NOT be calling.  Shoulder slopes are what is bugging me most...
And that led me to a Threads article about making a sloper pattern to use as a base for all patterns to get fit correctly, something I have always skipped because, well, because I am a lazy lizard.
And this is how it all looks to me.  oy.

So, I'll leave you with a little musical interlude-  have a Happy Sunday, folks.

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