Tuesday, September 11, 2012

confucian gyrocompass doctrinal

This communication alone, by the comparison of the antagonisms, rivalries, movements which give birth to decisive moments, permits the evolution of the soul, whereby a man realizes himself on earth. It is impossible to be concerned with anything else in art. 

 Yup, these cans are Cardboard sculptures-  Self-taught artist Bill Barminski, who works in a broad range of mediums, has his solo exhibit art show titled This Side Up: Cardboard Sculpture And Other Stuff opening on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 at Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, California. The show runs through Saturday, September 29, 2012. If you enjoy Bill’s great cardboard sculptures, his book This End Up Cardboard is now available to purchase from Blurb.

Jonathan Fuller, an artist in the UK, has chosen sea glass as his medium.  Check his site for his lovely location and more of his work.

R2-D2 rolling suitcase, how cute is that!  Available for €76 from Salvador Bachiller 

Belgium's Got Talent
QUACK MUZZLE-  purchase here (but dont bother unless you tea Japanese

A baby crow!  Yes, I also love crows and am apparently a lifetime member of ASCAR, the American Society of Crows and Ravens.  I sent them $10 over 20 years ago and I still get their newsletters, the Corvi Chronicle, full of stories and legends of crows.  The last one was apparently the REAL last one because the news was that the founder and mentor of this loose organizaion died in January.  He never let his presence be known but I know I would have liked him from the way he did things and the way he conducted his business.  Why Crows, you ask?  I just love the haughty way that the crows strut around, the way they own their world.  Go to the site and learn more about their society-  you too will be a fan.  I've included crows in so many of my quilts-  I'll try to collect them and re-show here later.  Meanwhile, read the Corvi Chronicle online and you'll get the drift of my entanglement!
Later this morning:
 Borderline Quilt


Rabbit Morphs Into Raven

Cuervo Grande

Eight is for Grief
Remember any of these?  There are more but I don't have them on this computer.

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