Sunday, September 30, 2012

antisemitic gordian indispose

Or else, like a shark, you will drown.

The eye is the most refined of our senses, the one which communicates most directly with our mind, our consciousness.   Robert Delaunay 

 Here is my first Real Bound Book that I finished up.  Used my bathroom wallpaper on the cover and some beautiful Indian marbleized paper for the end pieces.  This is the book I'm sending to my friend who is starting chemo soon, I hope she will write down all her fears and then throw it away as she recovers.  
Found out I love stitching bindings!  I'm going to do more of these. This was a simple practice sample and we didn't even use our fancy papers on the covers, I may have to un-bind the covers and do something to them, but it would probably be easier to just start over.  Classes are half over already, only four more to go.

 Another patent idea.  A maze, but the author solved it, drat.  Looks like there is a sheet missing with the particulars to each of his turns.
Every guy I knew in high school worked at Bethelehem in the summers.  Now I see that they are making retro tee shirts.  Wish you could see the rusty hulk that remains, there are some urban archeology videos out there of the old steel mills-  scary.

So, yesterday I went to the studio specifically to get thread and a needle to fix the hem on a dress I need to wear next weekend.  I packed it all up in a little box and came home but WHERE'S THE DRESS?  Of course, I took it to the studio a few days ago so I could work on it there.  So, today, back I go with the little kit.  Hope I can find it, I have been just making piles there lately.
Instead, while I was there, I installed my NEW PRINTER.  Now I have all three jammed up but I can do anything finally. 
After I got it all installed and working, I found a good use for my close-up lens on the camera-  I could reach behind the printer to take a close up of the registration number for the rebate!
 And I played with the fish eye and the macro lens too:

A nice little $15 investment for the phone, but I'm not sure, other than reading backwards registration numbers in places I can't see, what I may actually need these for.  
Fun?  Oh.  OK.  I'm allowed?  

wow.  What a concept.

thanks to Deb for these squirrels, aren't they cute with those furry ears?  I've never seen a squirrel like this, they must be Alien Squirrels. Squirrels belong to a large family of small or medium-sized rodents called the Sciuridae. The family includes tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, marmots (including woodchucks), flying squirrels, and prairie dogs.
(OK, so I looked that up.)

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