Monday, October 01, 2012

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The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name. Sylvia Browne*

Found this in an Australian magazine and love it-  'Bloggers I have Met and Liked!' Mine would have to have a few pages, but it's companion piece-as yet unexplored-, 'Bloggers That Piss Me Off' would be the size of a  yellow pages phone book.  This just may be my final project in my class, we'll see.  All that paper would be expensive.

Horrors:  The pace of your life continues to settle down today. You Lions have been on the go for a while and it feels good now that you can grab a catnap or two. However, the focus isn't on sleeping -- it's all about dreaming. Your subconscious is releasing powerful messages, and you may learn something very significant about yourself if you take the time to decipher the symbols.
Looks Like I have stumbled on a HOUSE theme today. First, I found a couple of very interesting art installations under the sea here.  Make sure and go to these artists site because there are fabulous ideas lurking about on all of them.

 “Urban Reef” by artist Jason DeCaires Taylor is an underwater art installation of suburban-style homes in the waters off Cancun, Mexico. It also serves as an artificial reef habitat for local sea life. The installation and many others can be viewed at Taylor’s Cancun Underwater Museum.

Next, a model maker and photographer-  “Broken Houses” is a photo series of intricate scale models of decaying homes, barns, and other buildings. New York City-based artist Ofra Lapid came up with the series after finding an online trove of photos by a North Dakota photographer who meticulously documents the decay of abandoned buildings. She used the photos as references for her scale models, and then photographed the completed models in isolation against a gray background.

And finally, South Carolina artist Brandi Roberts has created Fantasy Floorplans, a hand-drafted series of floorplans consisting of fictional television homes. The series has more than 100 floorplans and includes current shows like Dexter and Mad Men to classic shows like Seinfeld and The Brady Bunch. She says, “My floorplans are great conversation pieces. They generate a lot of interesting dialogue when people get in front of them.” Prints of several of her floorplans are currently available to purchase at Fab.

Wouldn't you love to see this in flight on a beach?   New Zealand kite maker, engineer and inventor Peter Lynn of Peter Lynn Kites created a realistic looking Blue Whale show kite that measures up to the actual Blue Whale marine mammal, with a 100 foot length and detailed overall design.

And today I have no squirrels, not even rabbits or ravens.  Instead we are going to turtles!
At least it's hand stitched and fabric for a change.  Love the patterns in Molas, if I had to collect something and it was 30 years ago, Molas would be on my short list.  I only have a few, all so special that they sit in a drawer unseen.  
This guy isn't mine but I wish he were!  We are on a barrier beach here where several varieties of sea turtles nest so they are kind of a personal totem 
(like I need another one).

*Sylvia Brown is not one of my usual go-tos for a quote but she hits the nail on the head with this one.

PS2:  Another compelling comment today.  I just know it's important and perhaps somebody can translate it from whatever language it is in-  might be a message from the stars-
"sartan 160mg hydrochlorothiazide12,5mg. anti-hypertensive angiotensin II antagonist + diuretic. 28 tablets. A. 034134041.BISARTAN 160mg + 25mg, bisartan 160 25 lomid. Объявление было создано 25 РђРїСЂРµР»СЏ 2008, РІ 02:01. Профиль ...... LOMID 10CPR 50MG LOPIXOL ACUPHASE OMBISARTAN 28CPR 160MG/25MG"  

That's 'stahs' in Bahstonspeak.

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