Saturday, September 29, 2012

domino irishmen floor


“The Artist can make an ordinary lump into a valuable object."    wise old Armenian proverb 

HORRORS:  Although you see the blinking red light ahead, you might not heed the warning. You're too impatient to wait now that the action-packed Aries Full Moon occupies your 9th House of Adventure, encouraging you to step on the gas before you know where you're going. But your long-term thinking runs into more immediate concerns if your day brings a surprising event or two. Even if you want to focus on the future, you're better off paying attention to what's happening this moment.

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's  social and political consciousness are reflected in the salvaged bicycle chandeliers she creates.  Great  vimeo video of her working, scavenging, and talking about her work

Beautiful morphed images of women and insects by photographer Laurent Seroussi

ART LESSON!  Check out this mash up of Stanley Kubrick films.  Seems he was the master of one point perspective!

And, I guess I have subliminal pistols on my mind after my 'find' the other day, and look what just happened across my screen-
Apparently the artist who made them,
 Bruce Mahalski, crafted these sharp looking dueling pistols out of skulls and small bones but had no luck selling them on a NZ sale site. Perhaps an offer??

And this I promise will be the end of the guns: 
 Damien Hirst, 'Spin AK47 for peace Day'

 Nancy Fouts, 'Don't Touch'

London-based photographer and amnesty international award winner bran symondson has brought together for the first time 23 renowned artists for 'AKA peace' - an art project that requests the creatives to re-imagine a fully decommissioned AK-47 assault rifle. 
the work is curated by celebrated british artist jake chapman and produced by peace one day - a global peace campaign the artwork supports. 

The firearm is internationally recognized as the symbol of war - each one selected from a war-ravaged area of the world for the unprecedented project. the transformed weapons are currently on display at the institute of contemporary arts in london until the 
30th september, 2012 and each piece will be auctioned off on the 4th october, 2012 at howick place in london. the proceeds from the sale of the 'AKA peace' artworks will go directly to peace one day’s global truce 2013 campaign

Make Squrrels, not War.

 Finally, when I was not looking (!), I found some SQUIRREL PENS!  I am thinking the orange one?


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