Wednesday, October 24, 2012

bedridden aqueous nightingale

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.  Jim Rohn

Mr. Pepper laughing at us

Final countdown to my 1500th post!  Unbelievable.  Can you imagine?  If you read this entire blog, I bet there will only be two or three things of any consequence but for me, there are more-  it's therapy, it's a journal, it's cleaning out the cobwebs.  I know I contradict myself and go on and on, as well as off on tangents (can we say squirrel?) and I really want to thank whoever is reading this because that's what makes it fun in the end.  So-  this is #1496.  I have a couple of days to figure out how to celebrate.

But first, let's get going with #1496!  Ladies, start your engines!
 (Lashes courtesy of Car Lashes but they also suggest rhinestone eye liner for full effect.) --aside to Teddy, you need these!--

You get this sweatshirt after you graduate from the School of Hard Knocks

Presidential Jello Portraits:  For the individual portraits, profiles are paired with assorted facts that range from Obama's comic book habit to Thomas Jefferson's self-authored epitaph, which failed to mention his role as president. For the most part a fun and non-partisan take on the history of the executive branch, Hargreaves does render Obama as facing to the right, which—if the key holds true—would indicate a two-term presidency.  Yup, he did the whole herd.
Optical Illusion House Full of Balloons by Ciaran Brennan in Ireland.

If you send the digital file of your X-ray to Colorado-based company Casttoo, they will custom print your break and send it back to you so you can apply it to your orthopedic cast directly. Casttoo specializes in cool decorations for casts and has many other (non-customized) designs available to purchase.  Do you WANT a picture of your bones healing?  Sounds like they use something like TAP since it requires heat.  Next time you're in a cast we'll try it, k?  You won't mind having your poor arm ironed a bit will you?
Yup, we have snakes in Florida, better stay up north this winter.  Matter of fact we have every kind of poisonous snake in the US all located right here together.  We have land snakes and water snakes and tree snakes-  stay home.  I'll handle it here with my pet egret (or whatever that snake bird is)  and I'll cal you when it's safe.

And finally, for your Halloween approval-  swaddled Baby Bats!  Why don't you think they are cute?


Eva said...

The baby bats are the new generation of teddybear design! So cute it hurts. Let the wave roll!

Mary Beth said...

Thumbs up on the über-sweet lil bats.

And I have to say that if I had to have a cast and I had internal fixation like that I'd go for the cast print job! Has to be good at least for silencing the busy-nosy-bodies right?

And finally - blog rah-rah-cheering -GO GO GO! to 1500!