Tuesday, October 23, 2012

prometheus carmichael basketball

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.  Kenji Miyazawa

If you ask Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag what he does, he’ll tell you that he makes things out of cardboard. However this statement hardly captures the absurd complexity and detail of his boxboard and PVA glue sculptures that push the limits of the medium. Agdag is an award-winning creator of stop-motion films and this new series of work, Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make, feature a number of his structural experiments which he refers to simply as “sketching with cardboard”. Miraculously, each work is created without detailed plans or drawings and are almost wholly improvised as he works.  Do check this website for more!

And the gratuitous Tattoo du jour:
Finally a tattoo I can get my head around-  a measurig device!  He had the ink started exactly 8" from the tip of his finger extending down his forearm.  Wouldnt this come in handy?  I am forever pulling dollar bills out of my wallet to measure stuff.  I'm adding this to the 'Do Not Recesuitate' tattoo I'm gonna get across my chest like I showed you a couple of posts ago.

I know i's early but if you are ordering Christmas stuff now, here is a cool bunch of laser-cut wooden ornaments: Heroes are back...in the form of non-denominational festive ornaments featuring your favorite scientists.
My favorite Christmas Scientists!  For the secular humanist who likes Christmas trees in the house. 
Oh.  That would be me.


Artistic works addressing the relationship between the human body and its environment are not a new concept. The Berlin-based duo behind "The Humping Pact" fit into this tradition while establishing new methods to distinguish itself from past attempts. Combining contemporary trends with Greco-Roman aesthetics, "The Humping Pact" stands somewhere in between Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and Yayoi Kusama's 1970s public orgies.  OK, did that get you?

And since we are chatting about rear ends, sorta, here's another Halloween costume, sorta.

Finally, a little peek at what I'm looking at right now with my laptop below a window:
Outdoor pets.  I love these guys because their diet consists of bugs, the kind I battle in the studio.  The new crop of babies is less than an inch long-  perhaps smaller than that I don't see them, but they are swarming all over the place lately.  Luckily they run like hell at any thought of me being around which saves us both.

Maybe tomorrow we'll do bunny babies and squirrel toddlers again.  Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting a crazy old curmudgeon.


Mary Beth Frezon said...

I meant to comment on the DNR tattoo. When I was in the paramedic business, we used to laugh about getting one of these so whoever found our bodies would just let us lay there in peace.

I have to say the measuring tattoo has some merit. A co-worker has an electrical engineering mnemonic device on her arm for easy reference.

Eva said...

The lizards are awsome. I wish I saw one or another on my balcony (no chance). Curmudgeon... (also a reptile?? I thought) ... your blog is the one with the highest quote of words I have to look up in the dictionary. This is a compliment.