Sunday, October 21, 2012

negligee decolletage backfill

God, you sell us everything for the price of effort  Leonardo

Full day yesterday-  first we headed for the Clematis St. Green Market, and it was in full swing. Since I still have stuff from the visit lat week that we haven't chewed through yet, I was 'discretionary' in my purchases, but in the end I was throwing around $20 bills like I was making them in my basement!  (Note:  I do not have a basement, nor do I have a press-  yet!)
These chicharonnes set me back a very small amount and I simply couldn't resist.  They came from a booth of South Americans and when I was there there wasn't a single person who spoke English except for a few money words.  They had the most amazing tamales that were the size of my forearm but I'll get those another time.  They were delicious, crunchy, salty, perfect!  I've loved these since my dad got me started liking 'odd' foods a trait I thank him for.  
The curly hair,  the diabetes, the problem of never being 'quite' content-  not so much.
But I digress from my market!

Next up I visited the Lebanese folks who had an array of all my favorite treats-  this one is muhammara- a tasty mix of roasted red peppers and walnuts with a touch of pomegranate syrup.  This version was blended a bit too much, I like more texture but since it's difficult to find here unless it's in my own Cuisinart, I'll take whatever I can get.

Also I 'discovered' the pickle lady who has made batches of the most wonderful sweet pickles with hot peppers.  She was giing out one little slice on a Ritz cracker and I fell immediately under her spell and grabbed a tub of them.  I offered one to TY when I got home and he was not at all interested, doesn't lik sweet pickles, but when I got back from the studio HALF the tub was gone and he's decided he too loves them.  Hope she's back next week.
Also bought some eggs straight from the nest.
And home made biscotti.
And two different kinds of jelly.
By then my bag was full and my wallet was empty.
and I missed the ghost-turd booth.  Pity.

I spent the afternoon in the studio and finished up the assignment for next week's last class, in fact I think I got a bit ahead of myself glueing this to that, then that to this...  I'll go back today and remove the weights I left on everything so it all stays flat, pack it up, and perhaps do a few little things in other areas. Mostly detail-attending lately, I am itching to get into a good big project.  

 Robert Reynolds continues to inspire with his new works and captivate with his great stories. His gallery/studio is easy to find in downtown LA.

Flipbookkit skeleton Halloween animation. This is one of my Kickstarter projects and they just sent this to me for my new machine when it arrives.  They will also send directions and templates for printing my own additional flip books.  Backwards technology?

And Forwards Technology:

Maybe this is where the ghost turds come from?

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Terry Grant said...

You really are my long-lost twin. I love chicharonnes and those look incredible. I bought some when our group went on retreat and everyone, except for Beth, was making pinchy faces and turning up their noses and saying "ooo gross". They don't know what they are missing.