Tuesday, November 13, 2012

arbitrate calfskin byproduct

It's those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same.
With all of our running and all of our cunning,
If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane...
Jimmy Buffet

 Almost time to start those Advent calendars if you're so inclined.  No more need to just get some stinkin' tiny piece of candy-  you can now enjoy the little ceremony of a whiskey tasting every day for a month!.  So festive.  Wear your Santa hat.  

I spent the whole day in the studio yesterday, but frankly it doesn't show.  I tried the timer but one thing after another interrupted me, and I had to do some fiddling to get the laser printer to work-  apparenlty it though it was in an induced coma from disuse lately.  After I revived that, I fiddled with getting the printers right in the applications folder, and what a waste of time.  Most of the day I had the door open to help with some xylene fumes initially, but having fresh air was lovely.  I just didn't notice all the crapola that was blowing in.  Won't be doing that again.
Then my aunt called from Colorado, my favorite aunt because she makes me laugh.  We've been working on a genealogy of her family because she actually knew three generations back and has total recall AND some very interesting stories.  She is 86 now as near as I can figure so I guess it would be good to get myself out there soon to see her again and write down a few more stories.  She was telling me last night that her grandmother, Abigail, who she says was the funniest woman she ever knew.  I told her that she got her sense of humor from her, and then hopefully passed it along to me!  Is there a place on the genetic tree for 'humor' somewhere in between the birth and death dates?  Frankly I had never heard I had a great grandmother Abigail (so that bares some investigation!), but she wants to name her new cat Abigail after her.  Talking to Shirley is never a waste of time.  Here she is in a band costume, probably early 40's.

I did manage to get 20 prints done for the hand book, not a handbook, a book of hands!  I'm not thrilled because the inks are visible from the back of the pass so I have to figure out a solution to that.  Also I'm not thrilled with my variety of images-  might only be halfway there instead of at the end.  Ain't that always the way?  

 Shedding cats?  No problem.  Save up all that fur and make it into little felt balls, string them up and make Fluffy wear the damn thing for putting you to all that work.  Cat Jewelry by San Francisco artist, jeweler and cat-poet  Flora Davis over on her etsy site.

“Plexus no. 19″ by Gabriel Dawe is a beautiful thread art installation at the Villa Olmo in Como, Italy. The installation consists of two colorful thread structures spanning the atrium of the ornate 19th century mansion near Lake Como. The installation changes throughout the day, depending on how the sunlight interacts with it.

Genius plan for a screw-in coffin.  Here is a video about how it works here-

This is amazing-  a miniature toolchest with working tools!  William Robertson made this astonishing 1/12th scale replica of an 18th century tool chest. The chest’s metal lock actually functions, as do all of the tools (note how the mini wood plane has shaved the pencil in the photo above). Robertson spent about 1,000 hours making the tool chest, and he works almost entirely by hand. For more of Robertson’s work, see this audio slideshow by Fine Woodworking.  Now you can make all those necessary repairs on your dollhouses.

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