Monday, November 12, 2012

holdup butte sforzando

unaccustomed as I am to quoting Dolly...

"Anxiety is a feature of our early warning system against threat and then the threat must be evaluated."
Eric Maisel

 Hey, a surprise on the Art Front this morning early!  I got notification that my quilt,above, Fandango de Tortuga, got an honorable mention in the SAQA show up in Daytona this month.  The judge said she liked the cobtrast and the abstract leaves.  The 'abstract leaves' are actually dart from a dress pattern collaged on.  Also someof those skeleton leaves from a greeting card store, then of course some fussy-cut printed leaves and stems from old Marimekko.  The borders are what I LOVE best about this, all old upholstery fabrics that I've hoarded for years.  I'm almost out, just small scraps left of this stuff.  I need more stuff...Anyway I am pleased with my 'award', but a cash settlement would make me a bit happier.

 TY sent me this picture of Venice saying that we might be able to get a discounted room there. Yeah, and restaurant reservations anywhere our hearts desire, just know that the menu is raw fish you catch yourself as they swim by.  Apparently the new baffles and system of flood control won't be in effect for several more years.  Seems to me that it might be time to move to higher grounds-  it would probably be cheaper to move and rebuild all those fabulous villas and churches than to keep these floods under control.  Modern day Atlantis.  What a shame-  hope it recedes quickly and everybody has their Wellies at close hand.

These stunning little pieces are the work of Cornwall based artist Susanna Bauer.  She crochets and knots little coverings on natural objects that beg to be touched.  Wonderful.

I found an interesting story that I can relate to, not just because it contains a rabbit, smartass!  Here:

Neil Young had been part of a hosted conversation with Patti Smith, who said of his songs "even ones produced from pain ...  seem so effortless, like they just came out of the wind ..."  Neil replied:
“Well, they do come that way. I don’t try to think of them. I wait till they come. A metaphor may be that if you’re trying to catch a rabbit, you don’t wait right by the hole ...  and then the rabbit comes out of the hole, he looks around. You start talking to the rabbit, but you’re not looking at it. Ultimately, the rabbit is friendly and the song is born.
The idea is, he’s free to come, free to go. Who would want to intimidate or disrespect the source of the rabbit? And in that way if the song happens, it happens. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter.

That’s why I’ll write a lot of material and why I’ll suddenly not write any material. There’s no reason to write, it has to come to me, if it doesn’t come to me, I don’t want to have anything to do with it, I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to look for it. I really hate things that people work on. There’s nothing about music that should be working on it.

There’s no reason to be something you’re not. Or trying to be somebody that you think is good."

(Me again)  Substitute 'art' for 'song' and the whole thing is also completely my experience.  You have to be caught, you can't go out to hunt it down!  I call the down times 'information gathering'.  Somehow it all comes together as soon as the catalyst appears, and that can be anything-  best to be ready!

So, tell me where to find another cache of old upholstery fabric!  

Last night Sue sent me this 'Flying Squirrel', and image off a tee shirt so I can't attribute it-  isn't he adorable?  Bet that's Barbi's flying helmet and goggles.  Thanks, Sue-  so good to hear from you!

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