Saturday, November 10, 2012

blur muff strange

Any work of art that can be understood is the product of journalism.

Never made it to the Mancuso show yesterday, got halfway there and had to pick up my hair stuff and never got back on the road-  seems I contacted a severe case of malaise so decided I needed some retail therapy.  Bought the hair stuff, some new lipstick, tried on lots of stuff on my hand, then went next door and bought mugs for everybody coming for Thanksgiving.  Staggered home and started cooking different aspects of the tamale project and got that underway before turning off all the gas and going out to dinner.  

This morning there was a new crap---err, I mean Craft---Show on the beach so I went down with a friend to check it out-  this is a new show and I'm always trying to support artists in tents so I did my best, but the general feel was UNDERwhelming.  Perhaps I feel the same way about Crap Shows now that I do Quilt Shows.  It's so rare when one sees real artistry, great craftsmanship, interesting displays of unusual items.  This ain't the place I've been searching for.  Still on the hunt though, I haven't given up.  Yet.

This was sort of the things they offered:  Schnitzel Candles.  wtf?

This has nothing to do with the crap show.  
Dolphin tattoo on an amputated arm stump.  Yea?  or  Nay!

 And this doesn't either-  but it shows some extreme artistry!
A Multi-Giraffe float

A Koi float
In a tiny town of Zundert in the Netherlands, there is
Bloemencorso, the annual parade of flowers. That’s right, every float here is made from natural flowers, specifically dahlias. From twisting architectural structures the size of houses to bizarre animatronic birds and puppets, and even animals made from swooping gestures reminiscent of graffiti, Bloemencorso seems to have a little bit of everything. Despite the relatively small nature of Zundert  (north east of Belgium with a population of about 20,000) the variety of and ingenuity of these sculptures seems to know no bounds.  On YouTube, there is a fabulous video HERE but I didn't embed it because it's almost an hour in length-  do watch a small piece of it!

 Sara Rahbar, 'Kurdistan Flag #5'
“Flag #41 What Ever We had to Loose We Lost, and in a Moonless Sky We Marched”

I took this test, I don't agree with the results, I AM Trebuchet and I am sure of it.  
Take it yourself and tell me what you are

You Are Arial Black

You are bold, over the top, and quite loud.

You'll stand up and stand up to get your point across.

Subtlety isn't really your thing. You sometimes come off as crass and abrasive.

You're not as passionate as people might think. You just enjoy overwhelming other people!

And with that I'm going to get back to the tamales, time to wrap them up and tie on their little strings.  The stove is going and the place is getting hot, better take off this sweater...
me and my imaginary AGA, now where did I put that opposable thumb...


Terry Grant said...

Ack. That font quiz was dreamed up by someone who obviously has a limited knowledge of fonts. I was Helvetica, which is better than Arial, but really I am sure we are both more humanist forms--Gill Sans, maybe.

Mary Beth said...

Andale Mono???? Seriously?????

Seriously NO.

You are a geek, pure and simple. You spend a lot of time online.
In fact, you probably love the internet more than anyone you know.

You are picky about design, mostly for readability's sake.
You are the type most likely to be irritated by a bad font.

Yeah you could say I'm pretty irritated.

Now, to make me get over it, hand over that AGA stove and the sheep in the last photo and all will be forgiven. (not my first choice in color but I could adjust.)

Mary Beth said...

PS regarding the tattoo. It's an interesting concept. Wonder what it looked like when it was not so irritated and pink. That must have been taken right after it was done.