Friday, November 09, 2012

slab splint aftereffect

“I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living.” Robert Henri 

Never made it to the studio today, I went instead to a huge indoor flea market/mall way south of here.  It was simply a social occasion, since I spend so little time doing things with women friends.  Some great deals at the mall, some quite wonderful jewelry and leather goods.  Lots of knock-off things, but some legitimate bargains too.  I was wandering for 2 hours and only covered a small area of the place-  and one thing I am is a quick and thorough shopper!  Got a couple of presents to hoard, and I really deserved a $2000 necklace that had meteors and fossils and mastadon bone and several other things all together in one fabulous piece.  Instead I bought a bracelet with a much less exciting lineage, but I love it and it goes with everything.  When I got back and had lunch with my friends, I then turned around and went back out to start the thanksgiving shopping.  Today is things that I need to make things to put away, like the granola ingredients and the cranberry sauce ingredients.  And indeed it's now almost 10 PM and I have been standing at the stove all night.  Whew.  

Studio tomorrow.  I hope...

Or not.

Today I am headed into Palm Beach to the Mancuso show, a quick run through the vendors, and then back in time to go out for dinner.  Spent the morning fixing my cancelled medex program because yet another bill has never reached me from Boston.  But 'Debby' has me back on the records and will be sending a bill direct.  Just hope that I don't get hit by a bus before I get the damn thing paid.  I hate this-  same thing happened with my Rx program, I was cancelled even though I had never-  I mean NEVER-  received a bill.  Shoulda known better than to think it was all fixed.  Report later on the show, but I bet it's wont be a stellar OMG posting.  Unless there is the button lady vendor.  In that case I may need the EMTs.

Looks like this is an artless day unless I get back at my mining-the-net.  Probably won't happen.

My munchkin looks like her mom told her she ate the Halloween candy:
see her little pink cast?  Awwwww.

Have to stop at the store and pick up some puerco for my load of tamales.  Hope to get at that today too, probably only get some of the parts ready to go.  Have it all strewn across the counter except for the meat.  I will also make a vegetarian version, found a mushroom and corn version for the filling so that should do.

And my signature is back.

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max said...

When they first opened in Lowell Mr jalapeño (really) had a corn tamale that was to die for, then the chef from Mexico went home and they disappeared off the menu. Sigh, I wonder if that Mexican place in Somerville is still offering their tamale sampler?