Sunday, November 11, 2012

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It is one thing to praise discipline, and another to submit to it." (Miguel de Cervantes)

Maneesh, above, was fighting the lure of Facebook working towards a deadline, so he put an ad on Craigslist for someone who could come slap him if he went off-task.  The new employee could work along side him on her own projects but if he went to any sites not work related she could monitor him and give him a slap for $8 an hour.  It worked completely-  his work went up 98% and he made graphs to show the difference on his site HERE.  Of course I doubt he took the time to figure in the blog time, the graph time, the advertising and interviewing time.  But OMG, anybody want to come SLAP me for a few days to keep me honest?  My email is right over there to the left, and remember I live in paradise so bring your sunglasses!

Tamale Saga

 ehhhhh.  A whole lotta work for less than the great tamales.  Process:  I toasted a whole bag of dried 'medium' chile peppers and simmered them, then pureed them and pushed them through a sieve.  I cooked 4 ears of corn in the microwave, sliced off all the kernels, pureed them too.  I made the masa mix with manteca (OK, so it's lard!) some of the corn kernels, hot broth, and leavening.  Then I mixed it for 15 minutes to get air in so they would be light, thought my arm would break.  I sautéed onions, garlic, and jalapeños until they were soft. I browned the carnitas, cubed pork off some boneless chops, then braised it until it fell apart.  Then I added the chile puree and vegetables and let it cook further until it got thick.  I soaked a bag of corn husks in hot water for 2 hours, tried to separate them but they were wrapped so tight that only the outside husks were wet. I submerged them with a pot on top and stuck them on the stove to see if I could get them wetter.  So, all the different steps were done, and last night I assembled them.  All this work for only 12 tamales (I like them big, not tiny.)  Took an hour and a half of steaming in the Chinese baskets.  And then VOILA!  Disappointment.  TWO DAYS of preparations, and blechhhhh.  

I'm gonna recycle the leftover carnitas into a small pan of chili, and I'm gonna add some HOT chile powder to the mix- I have a little bag left from my last trip to Santa Fe.  The tamales were, believe it or not with all those chiles and jalapeños, bland.  The 6 leftover tamales I will put a really spicy sauce on and eat them all week for lunch.  Blast.  And I'm going to look for a better tamale recipe with shorter---and fewer--- steps.  One step I did shorten was to substitute oven-safe rubber bands to hold the packages together.  Somebody gave me these years ago, not frequently used other than holding roasting chicken legs together, but I think they were very useful here.

  me, after the tamale project

A handy cheat sheet for those new to art history.

 Joseph Cornell Book
 One of Cornell's more unique projects started with a copy of a French agricultural journal from 1911 entitled the "Journal d'Agriculture Pratique," which he discovered on one of his excursions and became immediately transfixed. Treating it similarly to his sculptures, Cornell transformed the French journal into a Surrealist masterpiece by making additions and alterations to its frail pages. After Cornell's death, the book, now known as the "Manual of Marvels," was discovered in his basement studio and placed under the care of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  You can purchase your own copy of the Philadelphia Museum's "Joseph Cornell's Manual of Marvels" for $47 on Amazon.  Tell them I sent you, he's one of my art heroes. 

 Image Transfer Gone Horribly Wrong
First of all, that isn't my idea of a dream date.  Second, having a picture on a pillow next to you is not anything like listening to your beloved snore and fart in real time.  I think, if you must use a substitute, that you can perhaps get a blow-up replica like these:
the executive, or perhaps president

the daddy (though I hope that one is aware he
                                                                              may NOT pass the paternity test on Maury

the self-starter

shopper-guy, needs clothes

Guido blow-up if you're in NJ

unfortunate guy

swimming companion/water wings all in one

glow in the dark party guy, easy to find
                                                         at night and doesn't drink much

AND a Justin Beaver blow-up for you youngsters

And with that little exercise, I am outta here.

Remember to email me if you want that slapping job!

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Deb said...

Now, THAT's I job I'd like..I have a tiny cattle prod, low voltage. Just enough to get the attention.

And I was going to move to Colorado to become a Stoner Shepherd....