Thursday, November 08, 2012

systemwide desperado cinderella

We are what we pretend to be.  Kurt Vonnegut

Still in a battle.  It's quite amazing when you see the long range reach of my influence.

A couple of rejects from the circles book. 
I got some more images printed and ready to glue, more circles cut and cover selected, and I am out of PVA and need to order some more.  Also I think I will attach the pages with that netting they use to cover dry wall seams before they plaster.  It has a bit of sticky to it so will stay in place, is stronger that ever needed, and I can make teeny 'slipcovers' to cover up the joins.  I love Home Depot...
I did manage to finish all the top stitching on the jacket too, tried it on and wish I had made it smaller.  Will make some pattern adjustments for the next one.  And also make sure I have enough fabric so I don't have to piece it so much.
Ignored the Serials because I had forgotten to send the pictures to the studio.  I've been using Dropbox and it works just great but I sometimes forget it's there.
This weekend is the SAQA meeting up in in Daytona Beach, but I've pretty much decided not to do it-  only one car, and it's 4 hours up and 4 hours back so I would want to stay overnight so I could do the evening program.  Can't leave TY carless all that time.  So instead I'll stay in town and drop into the Mancuso show to give it a fast look.  Or not.  I am so uninterested in quilts any more-  I really should try to finish two or so a year but smaller things are so much more interesting to me now:  artists books, encaustics, even wearables.  As long as I am making stuff I don't suppose it much matters.  

Does it?

Whooooooooaa wait what? Welcome to the bizarre world of slit scan photography, a special effect created mechanically or digitally that results in warped and wobbly images. How does it work? Here’s my armchair filmmaker explanation: while regular photos and film give you a full frame image of a single moment in time, slit-scan photos and films capture the world just one line at a time. This results in a two dimensional image where one dimension is continuously (but still chronologically) displaced. Or something. This is by no means a new invention, slit scanning has been experimented with for decades and was even used extensively by Douglas Trumbull in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 1968.

Looks like I lost my signature again.  You know who you're dealing with though.  Sigh

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