Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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The Day Political Calls Stop!

The goal in life is to be solid, whereas the way that life works is totally fluid, so you can never actually achieve that goal. Damien Hirst

Pastel on cardboard, an early 'Scream'.  Worth more than everything we all own all together.  Cardboard, folks!  Why in hell am I always looking for archival this and that?  Geesh.  

And in the Studio:
Actually got a scrap of work in yesterday and got the jacket all assembled.  Since I don't have a lining and the inside does show at the collar, I have to 'carefully' (as opposed to my usual slap-dash ways) bind the edges and figure out what to do with the back and fronts which are different lengths.  I am thinking hand stitching, a la kantha, around the perimeters and gave that a tryout on one sleeve which I was happy with.  So, today I'll try to work on that in 25 minute spurts.  This will take MANY 25 minute spurts.  
Other 25 minute spurts will be on my clamshell book trying to make it look a bit more sinister for my serial killer collection.  Haven't quite got that idea jelled but I'm committed to it, please don't ask me WTF?  Because I have no idea where this is coming from or going to.  Will keep you all posted, maybe not on the thought process, but at least on the progress.  (should there be any!)
Third on the 25 minute rotation will be work on the circle book, an accordion style ode to circles-  OK, so it's just all my old pictures that Ive collected for years that suddenly seemed to ALL contain circles.  I'm hoping to make that enough to tie it together along with old scraps of paste papers I made a hundred years ago and vintage astrological charts and medieval weapons...  Sounds cohesive, eh?  We'll see, I may be in for a bigger editing job than I want to do.

My lemon tree is practically lying on the ground from my crop this year.  I bought some ice cube trays to freeze juice and this morning at 5:30 I was squeezing 6 of them to get them of the counter.  Of course I had trouble finding a flat surface in the freezer and in the process knocked a loaf of bread down behind the drawer so I had to pull everything out (the dogs loved this), use the long tongs from the grill, and fetch the bread over the top of the ice maker.  I've done my exercise for the day.  Then of course I had to reassemble this Rubics Cube of a freezer drawer and ended up balancing the tray of lemon juice in a precarious position.  Today I will pick another half dozen and do something with them-  but first I need to grate off the rinds this time.  I still have bottles of limoncello from the last tree, so I won't do that.  Last year I made grapefruit limoncello (can't remember the name but it's delicious).  I have every empty bottle in the house full of the stuff.

And with that, I'm headed for the closet to find some dirty clothes for the day.  

Daniel Arsham  recently completed a number of new works, most notably these three figurative sculptures made from compacted broken glass, inspired by the discovery of glass shards in his home after hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Canadian rock band Young Rival collaborated with Michigan-based face-painting artist James Kuhn on this music video project. 

Changing my allegiance to this little guy.  He's a TAPIR.  He's got a prehensile nose and is related to pigs and rhinos.  scientists believe they have changed little over tens of millions of years.

Illustration: Tapir compared with adult man

Average life span in the wild:
25 to 30 years
Height at shoulder, 29 to 42 in (74 to 107 cm)
500 to 800 lbs (227 to 363 kg)
Group name:
Protection status:

The cute spots and stripes disappear as they get older and they turn into this:
OK, not so cute.  Oh well.

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