Tuesday, November 12, 2013

bonfire laudanum buckley

"Every master knows that the material teaches the artist."   Ilya Ehrenberg

Because I can't resist.  Me and Mister!
He's so little that it doesn't even hurt my shoulder, but perhaps it doesn't hurt because he nestles himself into fit wherever he's put!  I know there will be a big difference between now and when I see him again.
And a closer view, Mister with Side-eye  warning me to leave his hat alone!
I flew home this morning and have the distinction of being on the FIRST PLANE of th year to be held for de-icing.  As usually with my luck on planes.  But I'm back now and have one whole week to catch up the last 6 weeks of lost work before I go back.  TY managed to make it through the whole two days without me but has taken to his chair for the duration leaving me to the needy and neglected doggies.  They don't like it when I am gone and are glued to my legs so I don't go anywhere again.  

New Art by one of my favorite artists!
Hazel's 'Story' for kindergarten.  She was told to draw a story so this is what she did-  For a little girl of 5 she has an amazing expressive talent beyond her years.  She 'sees' things in different ways.  The 'story' is that her cat, Fiona, was hit by a car one night.  You see the car with it's headlights shining on Fiona, in front of it.  She is smiling at the viewer.  The road has yellow lines, the house is sad- it's face shows it's personality- and leaning to the scene, and the moon and stars against the dark sky are illuminating the accident.  he fact that she has this 'story' in the front of her head makes ME sad!  I hope her new birthday kitten in a few months helps her forget the bad parts of this story and remember the cat!  


Coffee enthusiast Ben Blake uses cone filters to draws intricate, finely-detailed doodles and sketches celebrating coffee culture. Each illustration is a pen-and-ink ode to a specific roaster, brew, coffeehouse, or speciality coffee experience inspired by his travels.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to fate.

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner’s latest “Orchid” series of paint actions depicts the ephemeral nature of gravity and fluid paint, frozen in time. In each image Oefner captures a fleeting moment with his camera which appear to look like sculptural floral blooms when in fact they are explosions of paint set into motion by gravity.  Reminds me of the acrylic paintings I showed you yesterday.

Squirrel Sno-Cone

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