Saturday, November 23, 2013

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 Every so often my life will feel like a story. It doesn't have to be a big thing; 
in fact, most often, it's just the opposite. (David Sedaris)

 HORRORS!  You are stepping into a fun-filled phase when your life lightens up and you want to express yourself in a more playful manner. Even if it's challenging to find the satisfaction you're seeking, you still might be willing to move forward with anticipation now, rather than close down in fear. It's certainly more pleasurable to be with those you love than spending your time alone wishing for company. 

When I do a random pull of my list of posters I always get one that says exactly what I need!   Held true today again, plus the David Sedaris quote AND the horoscope!  The good thing is that they are all positive and perhaps (fingers crossed) I am working my way out of this hideous month!  

I'm back in Boston.  the jar of watermelon pickles got stabbed somehow in my suitcase so I was bowled over by pickle smell as I yanked my coat out of my bag at the airport.  Damn TSA, I swear that the tub was hit with a knife, and the ziplock bag it was in to stop leakage had a perfect stab mark on it too.  And of course, the Happy Little Note they leave announcing where they have been...  I spent the day throwing everything from the suitcase into the washer and trying to spray out the suitcase lining.  I'll tell you now, do NOT grab any perfectly good gray suitcase from Goodwill in the near future-  you will smell my watermelon pickles and have to make your own batch!  Luckily I don't have fur coats and alligator bags to drag back and forth and the juice only got on the case to my computer so now the leather has a sign of use.  Everything I touch is sticky.  Icky.

I went to three markets yesterday and got most everything I need for the next few days of cooking.  I needed to grab a few things for the little family too so will go there Monday or Tuesday and make a real clam chowdah for one night, then a paparadelle with spinach and butternut squash for another night- anything to make these first few weeks a little easier.  Back at home I gathered together all the trays and bowls I could find an washed them out, then did all the glasses and polished up the silverware-  black from disuse!  I was all set to make a few things to start prep today but am completely without any Tupperware or things to keep ingredients in-  they have magically disappeared with whatever is leftover when someone eats here.  I'm alays trying to empty the refrigerator before I leave.   I'll stop at the supermarket tomorrow morning, assuming that Sunday morning might be the emptiest it will be between now and the big day.  

Then, as a break, I will go to the ICA  on Tuesday.  I almost hesitate to think that I might go the way life has been throwing curves at me lately!  We'll see what happens. 

After discovering an “F” on the wing of a butterfly while conducting research at the Smithsonian in the 1960s, Kjell Sandved embarked on a 24-year project to find all 26 letters and the numbers 0 through 9 on moth and butterfly wings. While creating his “Butterfly Alphabet,” Sandved became a skilled nature photographer and a staff photographer and lecturer for the Smithsonian.  

Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui spent 4 years creating a 40-foot-long wooden sculpture that was crowned the world’s longest wooden sculpture by Guinness World Records earlier in November. The intricately detailed sculpture is based on “Along the River During the Qingming Festival,” a famed 12th century Chinese painting of daily life by Zhang Zeduan.

Bini the Bunny vs the Roomba

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