Friday, November 22, 2013

loot boise fiesta

A good short story would take me out of myself and then stuff me back in, outsized, now, and uneasy with the fit." (David Sedaris

TY had a Hallelujah Moment today and ordered me a turkey already roasted-  all we do it pick it up and carve.  This is the best present at this point-  I am overwhelmed by going back to an empty condo and checking can lids for expired dates before cooking!  I need to help out with the new baby and make a few little meals for them as well as clean my own place, shop, cook, serve, clean up, give away, and then put everything away I used-  which will be just about everything  in the house.  But not having to go out and shoot and pluck a turkey is a big help.  

Today was the day to have my MRI report and get darted on the PT exercises I need to take home with me.  The results are pretty much what the doc anticipated and had explained to me so they gave me a cortisone shot and sent me packing. I start PT when I get back in 10 days but will do these other things while I'm gone.  Before you know it I will be doing the backstroke to Havana--- well, not to be too optimistic, there is apparently a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel also going on but we will deal with that when the shoulder is fixed.  I will apparently live to knit again IF I am patient.  And don't lift turkeys.

Bas-relief sculpture is all about angles and perception.  When viewed from one angle, the sculpture may not make sense, but when taken in from the front, it seems to float in true 3-dimensional form.  As van der Ende is creating his pieces, he uses pieces of painted found wood to create the colors you see– these aren’t sculptures constructed, then painted.  The artist is painting with the found wood.  Using the existing finishes of the wood in such a way creates a wonderful sense of texture, which only serves to amplify the depth created by the bas-relief technique.  If you’d like to see more work by Ron van der Ende, please visit his website.

Sachs Media in partnership with Phojoe, a photo manipulation company, have visually imagined what rock stars of yesteryear would look like today if they were still alive today.   Here are Elvis, Jimi, and Janis as they would look today- just like he guys down the street!

No squirrels today, instead our little bunny-in-a-basket.  Doesn't he look like one of those life-like dolls that the creepy women collect?  He is really a little boy though and actually moves and poops and does those funny newborn off-center grins!  

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