Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Karma  (attributed to Frank Outlaw) 
Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Yahooo, another free day to do what I want so I am off to the studio to get the decks cleared there.  I told you about the tiny petrified lizard in my bathroom, didn't I?  Been there for a few weeks and I just never got around to picking him up, but he DISAPPEARED, or rather his petrified body did.  He was replaced by a substance I have identified, without benefit of lab work,  as Palmetto Bug Poop which mostly resembles mouse poop but smaller.  I threw out a box the other day when I opened it and disturbed one of these crunchy critters, slammed the lid right back down and took the whole box outside to the dumpster.  He probably beat me back inside...

So much for my wildlife wrangling.  At least the carcass is gone.  

Today I will do some Fabric Wrangling-  I haven't yet given up on the assorted fabrics pinned to the wall that may or may not have potential.  When I left the other day I was convinced there was none, but I had a sleepless night last night and have decided I am abandoning the project too soon, needs more thinking' and working'.  
And maybe some paint.  

Laure Prouvost, wearing a scarf made of tea towels embroidered with objects from her installation, was as surprised as everyone else at the award ceremony.  (It was the shawl that caught my eye...)  Read her story at the link.

Her installation, built in a cabin, titled 'Teatime'

Katherine Soucie's Wrapped Sewing Machines

Mending Wall
Katherine Soucie describes herself as a textile and fashion designer and mending practitioner: 
 'I am an artist who works with textile waste and the discarded. I am a designer who transforms waste, utilizes obsolete clothing and textile machinery and incorporates traditional artisanal techniques in response to the society we live in. I remix mending and artisanal handcraft applications with obsolete and digital technologies derived from my formal training in fashion, textiles and printmaking in order to produce by-products that act as a reminder of what is often left behind.

Back home in our taxidermy department, we have a chess set made entirely of mice who were liberated from a lab and given some fine clothing. Wouldn't this make somebody's eyes light up under the tree?  Found it on etsy-  hurry up!

(the other half of the set is dark mice.)

OK, I don't want that for Christmas, but I don't want this either:  A Mortadella Pillow.  Geesh.
This is for all you people in the northeast-  
I guess some of you even have fun in the snow like this guy!   

Crow Tobogganing!

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