Saturday, December 21, 2013

maldive boutique andersen

Only love makes me remember, it alone stirs my heart    Leonardo

Liz Climo's bear and bunny who don't have a clue


A festive tree constructed of wooden sleds in downtown Budapest at the Palace of Arts-  Merry Christmas

Be Friends with Failure | Doodle Alley   Comics that Nourish by Stephen McCranie

New York-based artist Shanti Grumbine creates intricate lacy patterns using pages from the New York Times as her medium. The hand cut designs are made by physically removing content, making space for what has been censored in the media as well as to produce visually striking patterns. Speaking about her work, she says, "I source ancient narrative formats such as commemorative paper cutting, illuminated manuscripts, medieval musical scores and stained glass - formal foils for the speed of current events. The acidic nature of newspaper and its rapid shift in color aids the association of time passing, highlighting the fragility of the page and the immanent dissolution of print. My process of Kensosis functions as a ritualistic act of beauty to address the deficits of human ingenuity."

Bunny Bath

And finally, the thing I don't want for Christmas today:
Any additional crazy relatives!  

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