Sunday, January 05, 2014

arccos cauldron handmade

Never lose the first impression which has moved you.  Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. 

Here's some good news for ya-  works whether you like me or not!  Today I am doing the prep for a colonoscopy so rest assured I am ready to fight with any piece of protein that walks by me.  If you 'like' me, you are happy I am taking care of my health needs.  If you don't, hey, it's OK, I get it.  I know you are rooting for the doctor.  Whatevah, as they say.  I made tea for breakfast, thinking about ginger ale for lunch, and a rousing dinner of 68 ounces of gatorade with the 'stuff' in it.  The prep is so much worse than the procedure, but at least they don't give you a 2 gallon tank full of the 'stuff' any more-  you can pick whichever gatorade flavor you want as long as it's not red or purple or blue...  In the old days, before sedation, you could watch the progression on a tv screen in front of you.  I am thankful that isn't necessary any longer, I just get some good drugs and next thing I know they are waking me up.  

So, TY entered the kitchen wanting to know what's for breakfast...  I 'bout threw him into the refrigerator so I think for self preservation he will be exiting the building soon.  And I will play with the dogs and walk the dogs and feed the dogs and in between, knit the golf club socks.  I got up to the head last night on the second one I'm ready to figure out the design for the furry pink yarn around the top today and will probably finish it in between trips to the bathroom.  

When I get back from Boston next week I have a mammogram appointment, it seems to never end.  Life sucks when you get old.  All I want to do is unplug the phone and sit and atrophy instead of facing this shit (ummm).  No wonder people take to their rocking chairs on the front porch waiting for the lemonade delivery from the housewife/maid/live-in/caregiver.  I want to be taken care of too.  Ain't gonna happen in my lifespan, so I better leave this behind me and get back on track.  

I didn't mention yesterday when i showed you 'Rhubarbies' that I printed all the leaves onto different linens with acrylics, backed them and turned them, so when I sewed down the stem end you can pick them up and peek under them to the Barbies I printed underneath.  In our house years ago in Wellesley, we had an ancient rhubarb plant in the front yard, maybe planted by the first inhabitants since it was built in 1865.  Behind the rhubarb were a row of raspberry bushes that were ready to eat every summer on July 4th.  So, we had rhubarb-raspberry pie every summer-  just one, because it would take the rest of the summer for my arms to heal from all the scratches.  One year I pruned them down without checking the 'Victory Garden' bible, and I found out too late that you only get berries on second year stems-  so there was a pie less year.

While finding a file, I checked todays HORROR-scope and it sure helps explains this post:
 People in your life may have a difficult time with your lack of boundaries today. It's challenging for you to have a clear perspective, in part because you might be over-confident now in your own abilities. All you need to do is turn down your volume just a tiny bit. Thankfully, your day won't be any less enjoyable, and practicing a little self-restraint will help you maintain credibility with others in the long run. 
See what I meant?

But you aren't here for my pie problems or my health problems, are ya?  You want art and squirrels!  Me too.  This one will catch ya-

I just had to make this as big as possible so you could see it!  
A woman’s work is never done
"Using my own hand as a base material, I considered it a canvas upon which I stitched into the top layer of skin using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand. By using the technique of embroidery, traditionally employed to represent femininity and applying it to the expression of it’s opposite, I hope to challenge the pre-conceived notion that ‘women’s work’ is light and easy. Aiming to represent the effects of hard work arising from employment in low paid ancillary jobs such as cleaning, caring, and catering, all traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’"

RuPaul stitched animation:  A film clip of RuPaul was handed out to a bunch of needle pointers and they chose their own colors.  I sure wide I could slow it down but if you do you miss the movement.  Isn't this cool, wouldn't you love to see these all installed together?   Maybe I never mentioned what a fan I am of RuPaul?

Okey Dokey, one more completely unrelated to anything before or after-

A hanging installation of light bulbs!  Originally installed at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Charlotte Smith's "Ephemeral Rays" is a site-specific installation consisting of hundreds of burnt out light bulbs, dust and fishing line reflecting the fleeting rays of light beaming through a window of the Galvanising Shop. Playing with reflections and shadows, the light bulbs act as vessels of light, guiding the eye around the space. 

for your squirrel tracking pleasure

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