Sunday, February 02, 2014

affectation beirut eightieth

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.  Scott Adams

Thanks, guys-  I've been mailing out the little Rant all day.  Thanks be to the furniture delivery service that took all day to get here, I've been on the computer seemingly forever!  So, I downloaded a bunch of information, and I uploaded some new couches!  Sounds about right.  Right now both dogs are snoozing contentedly on opposite sides of the room and TY is sitting in a chair watching his new couches.  They aren't doing anything.  We have been tweaking (not any twerking though) things around, moving this two inches back, and that over a smidge and still have to change the 7' rabbit picture to align with something, ANY thing!  It's on the wall with a cleat so I need a Guy, ANY Guy (!) who can help me rearrange.  Hopefully these things will keep me into my dottage when they put me in a dorm room for old folks with a single bed and a desk with a nailed down lamp.  

If you still want a copy, it's right here waiting for you, just let me know anytime.  There will be a followup but I don't know when-  I have a lot more to say about creativity and some ways to access it.  Exercises not involving workout clothes!  I'll give you lots of notice.  

Now, some Sunday art and foolin' around!

One-to-One" is a series of disposable objects created by Caroline Slotte that appear at first to be made everyday from materials like plastic and metal, but in reality are sculpted from solid wood. The reworking of second hand objects play a pivotal role in Caroline Slotte´s practice. She manipulates found materials, primarily everyday items, so that they take on new meanings. Via her website, "Demonstrating an engaged sensitivity towards the associations, memories and narratives inherent in the objects, Slotte´s intricate physical interventions allows us to see things we would otherwise not have seen. 

snack time- spam and noodles romanoff would sure hit the spot

For Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo, it’s a time he relishes. At a technology-free drafting table he deftly renders the motion and subtle mathematical brilliance of nature with a pencil, ruler and protractor. Araujo creates complex fields of three dimensional space where butterflies take flight and the logarithmic spirals of shells swirl into existence. He calls the series of work Calculation, and many of his drawings seem to channel the look and feel of illustrations found in Da Vinci’s sketchbooks. In an age when 3D programs can render a digital version of something like this in just minutes, it makes you appreciate Araujo’s remarkable skill.

I did a little forced research the other day and discovered that most campuses have a resident squirrel or squirrels that allow themselves to be hand fed or follow students around.  UIndy, here, has some pretty stupid students loose.  I hope the squirrels take advantage of their upper hand  paw.  

Northwestern students constantly worry about the small mammals jumping on their bike seats and other "squirrel-on-human aggression," the Daily Northwestern reports. Squirrels have apparently lost all fear of humans and view people as "walking vending machines."

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has "The Squirrel Club" where students and staff can get together to feed the little critters. "Ready…set…waggle!"

Penn State loves their squirrels. They have a popular Facebook page dedicated to Sneezy the Squirrel, a little critter who allows a student to place silly hats on his head. They have the PSU Squirrel Twitter account sharing his thoughts about campus. The university has used squirrels to remind students to drink responsibly.

Haverford:  ‘Fear the Squirrel!’     Another college which not only boasts a squirrel as a mascot, but a black squirrel at that. The school also has a comedy group called Her Majesty’s Black Squirrels.

At Kent State, the black squirrel has been an unofficial mascot for decades. A reader notes that Kent State has:
Black Squirrel 5K Race - Black Squirrel Festival (already on its 32nd year) Black Squirrel Radio - KSU Black Squirrels Twitter account Black Squirrel statues around campus and downtown Kent.

Drake students tried to elect a squirrel to the student senate, multiple times. That squirrel apparently has some anger issues, judging by its Twitter account.

There is a legend at Vassar that the squirrels on campus are the "returned souls of English majors who couldn't find jobs after graduation." Maybe. But there is definitely a "Vassar Squirrel Association" whose president sometimes writes op-eds about human behavior.

The Luther squirrels are also known to be huge, and maybe a little too friendly.

I have lots more, just you wait!  But a little warning as you write out those hefty checks for the school-of-choice:  the squirrels have it all over some of the students.  Better just send peanuts.  


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Boy I needed to see the photo at the tippy top of your post. I found your blog through another blog and glad I did!

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yeah I agree - that one's a keeper.