Monday, March 17, 2014

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not bad advice to start the day

The greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.  Leonardo da Vinci

Off to the final eye check for the white dog this morning.  I'm sure all is well-  she is her old self again, trying to snarl at the dark dog and make sure I see what a dope he is.  She manages to scare him off his dinner and when I'm not looking she eats it up in one gulp.  he just stands there looking at me.  She's right, he IS a dope.  But ever so much more amenable.  I've started feeding him outside so he has peace. but then he's afraid  he's missing the fun so he spends dinner time throwing himself at the door trying to get back in-  he hasn't mastered the idea of a glass door yet, BLESS HIS HEART.  Sigh.  OK, that's it for dog news.  Oh no it's not-  I finally discovered that the white dog will only take her pills if I hide them in almond butter.  Peanut butter is not OK, she walks away.  Geesh.  Like I mentioned, she might be the definition of 'bitch'.
After that foray I will head to the studio for awhile.  Apparently all the entrants have received their acceptance notices for the show this summer at the Ruth Funk Textile Center up in Melbourne.  I'l telling my Self that my letter got delayed, but Self knows better so I will retire the Golden Apples of the Sun for another time.  I'm kinda disappointed because I thought this was such a perfect fit:  'Florida in Fibers'.  You tell me this isn't 'Florida' all over:

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE-  got the acceptance letter 10 minutes ago, in like Flynn!  You can stop sending me condolence notes, they were much appreciated but now you can send CONGRATULATIONS!   (thanks for the condolences though!)
It's another one of the Twins series, #5 I think, or #6, adapted from old found photographs.  These two middle aged dames were standing in front of a garage in the original picture wearing their bathing suits and dress shoes and I fell in love with them and put them on the beach where they belonged.  All vintage fabrics except the flesh which is ultra suede.  Anyway, that's it's official debut.  
And always remember that everything is for sale (that's TY talking).  

As I was pulling stuff out of the mailbox TY met me out there to tell me he has my anniversary present-  he's arranged for the kids (the bigger ones and their mom) to come for a nice long weekend so they are going to be here Thursday!  Can' wait for the third piece of good news!  I'm sure on a roll right now!

Now for some Real Art, not this stuff I keep churning out.  Pffffffft

Artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley have constructed a giant wood hamster wheel with a 25-foot-diameter where the duo are currently living and working for 10 days until March 9 at the Boiler in Williamsburg, Brookyln. Why? Because …art! Titled In Orbit, the piece is a continuation of numerous installations where the artists live together in public spaces including Counterweight Roommmate and Stability which they refer to as “architectural performance pieces.”  For In Orbit, the rotating house is designed so that Shelley can live on the exterior of the wheel nearly 30 ft. off the floor, while Schweder lives on the inside due to a fear of heights. Through coordinated movements the pair can rotate the wheel to access beds, desks, chairs and even a kitchen-bathroom combo.

This is my favorite-  boys will be (brick) boys!

Brad Spencer doesn’t just build things out of bricks, he also sculpts them into existence. Much of his work is large-scale and features human figures or elements that appear to emerge naturally and seamlessly from this solid medium. Bricks are normally used architecturally to build structures with 90 degree angles. Spencer challenges this conception by creating fluid shapes from this recognizable form. He uses a relief technique – starting with unfired clay, he sculpts the walls and figures into a brickwork pattern. He then fires the pieces separately, and assembles the entire piece on the day it’s set to display.

This adorable little guy was snapped long ago by Mary Beth and recently found in her old photo box-  Thanks a bunch, lovely work!


Terry Grant said...

Your twin bathing suit ladies were simply too fabulous for the jurors. I love them.

Anonymous said...


This is my new favorite piece of yours !!!

Fantastic !

Love it!

Your Cousin Jack

Carol said...

Love the Twins in all their glory! Of course you would make it into the show. Love your quote of the day......made me smile as soon as I saw it!

Sandy said...

Well done for the twins getting in!

Keep churning (out your own work) it is worth it.

and for your family to come to you instead of you having to go to them.
Sandy over here

jeanne Marklin said...

Those bathing beauties are great! Makes me want to go to the beach with my sisters. I think I'm ready for one of those suits. I love those brick sculptures. Reminiscent of the Muses that are sculptured into the stage of the Palau De Musica in Barcelona and seem to be coming out of the wall.

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Ooooh lovin' the twins. Grats! Those brick sculptures grabbed me somehow. Now I'm going back to my life, an inch and a half at a time. Gar├žon, more wine, s'il vous plait.