Friday, March 14, 2014

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The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.
Aldous Huxley 

I spent most of the day a the studio yesterday making paste papers.  I kept the colors limited and also only worked on 3 canvasses and 5 papers and a bunch of cards I had lying around.  The mixture I used was rice flour with a bit of glycerine and a dash of dish soap but it came out too grainy for my tastes so I'll use up this batch, perhaps mix with gel medium, and then start looking for a better mixture.  

papers and canvasses

4x5 cards
So, that's the first layer.  Next day I have free I'll add on some more.  

Today I went around to a bunch of open-houses in the community.  Because it's a golf tournament this weekend they try to get us out with our guests to sell off the salable properties.  I fooled them though, I didn't have agues, just barged right in to snoop around!  Nah, didn't see anything that grabbed me.  Saw one place that was a hot mess, another that really smelled bad, a newly renovated house that was really nice except for the outside color of spearmint.  I'm over it.  

The other thing I've accomplished is getting the bad rows unknitted on my linen vest.  Of course I had to do some fudging and never really found the mistake way back but can't find it now either so all is good.  One of the best things bout lace work is that it's so convoluted that an extra stitch here and there don't matter much.  I only have another inch to go on this lace panel, then start plain ole stitch to finish it off and join ion the back with it's mate.  I have to hurry, it's getting too warm for vests, even sleeveless linen ones!  

The sputnik lamp arrived and it's really huge.  It doesn't work where I thought it would so I will probably have to take it to the studio until my greed gets forgotten.  Whatever, it has to disappear.  Soon.  TY is not amused.

So, we all have to forgive and forget, right?  Guess for me it's lucky it's just a lamp that s' way too bright.  For some of the people here, it might be more.  A couple of conceptual artists today:
Don't you just know that somebody would be mad over messing with grandma's dishes?

 Beccy Ridsdel, a UK based ceramicists makes an interesting and truthful (to some) statement:I know we all have our own opinions, but I think craft is technical and art is meaningful (or a reason for being made, beyond the thing itself). Overly simplistic? Probably, but for ceramicists this can be a big issue as ceramics is almost universally seen as craft regardless.Ridsdel poses an interesting question here, one that not many contemporary artists are asking themselves simply because we are living in a world were art, for the most part, is conceptual. But what happens when someone like Ridsdel, who has the ability to make pottery, or plates, in this case, wants to make her craft both functional and a conceptual art piece?

Various projects of Bruce Munro use repurposed and recycled compact discs in massive quantities, covering hills, estate lawns and fields. In works such as CDSea, enormous fields of the collected discs have a natural element, in this case a meandering path carved through them. The path, which echoes landscape architecture and fung shui design, allows viewers to experience not only vistas of the shimmering surfaces, but also the now-highlighted beauty of the existing grass itself. Make sure and hit his website for some more amazing work.
And just because:
Back fishin' on Etsy

iPhone case

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