Tuesday, August 12, 2014

apocryphal washboard dim

Ironic, isn't it, that this is the post that came up random to me today?  I have a whole folder, only identified but the image numbers.  I just point at one in the middle and this is today's.   It's such a shame that he couldn't put his battles to rest and enjoy his later years after all the entertaining he did for the rest of us.  

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. (Ansel Adams)

Today I got caught in the Container Store vortex-  geesh, I could walk around in there for hours and talk myself into needing Everything!  What I did find are the giant wire shelves I have in my studio and I can order extra shelves for them from CS.  Mine are huge, but only came with 4 shelves, so they are pretty inefficient at stacking stuff like fabrics.  Ordering an additional shelf for all 5 units sure would be the way to go, just hope somebody will come along to help me empty them all and then reorganize!  it would also help me to dump some stuff in the process-  something I am way overdue for.  

What I did find was a little lucite container with three sections made especially for the Nespresso pods-  brilliant-  you'd rejoice along with me if you saw the drawer where they live now in a jumble.  When I want one I have to go through them all for the kind I'm after.  
I found a bunch of additional things too that I have stuck in my head until the new house is done.  Yeah, that's closer to a reality and I've been busy collecting pictures and websites for all the things I WANT which are probably doubling our costs.  As soon as I get real numbers I'll start paring down.

In other Good News, I am headed back to Florida early, over Labor Day, and that also has a Bad News component-  I have to accompany TY an the livestock on the three day enforced drive from hell.  Whatever gets me there, right?  The perk is that after Washington we hit Waffle Houses and Sonics.  Yeaaaaa.

Today I am doing something a bit different with only one artist and three different aspects of her work.  Meet Jessica Drenk!

First, her sculptures made with pencils, saws and sanders.

And her investigation with wax, fire, ...and toilet paper!  I found the original image stuck in with some microscopic images, looked closely nd then went on a hunt to figure it out!

And last, these shreds and layers are slices of books that make an amazing textured surface from a distance and little slices of stories up close.  Love these.

Jessica Drenk was raised in Montana, where she developed an appreciation for the natural world that remains an important inspiration to her artwork today.  Tactile and textural, her sculptures highlight the chaos and beauty that can be found in simple materials. Drenk's work is also influenced by systems of information and the impulse to develop an intuitive understanding of the beauty of nature. 

Letterpress coasters with our favorite rodent!

Thanks for checking in!

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Christine Nielsen said...

Ooh. Jessica Drenk's work with the slices of books reminds me of something slightly creepy. Google images of garter snake mating balls to see what I mean.