Saturday, August 09, 2014

callisto subdues antaeus

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”
~ Rupert Murdoch, b. 11 March 1931

Still in VT, day was kinda rainy and chilly, but I was on my own about town met a fabulous woman in a collectables shop I just wandered into ...because nobody stopped me.  She had a gazillion old photographs she had done 'things' to-  one group of Victorian ladies posing for portraits in their white starched dresses all had little gold bead eyes except one who sported one black bead and one white bead.  Lady said she did that because the picture looked sinister.  Told her about how I sew on old photographs and she got all excited, called me over to her computer to show me some work she loves and sure enough it was the guy who embroiders over toile, Richard Saja!  When I exclaimed his name she hugged me!  Sistahs!

Which led me immediately to my iPhone to show her some of my collaged pieces.Anyway, I ended up buying a paper chain she made from a calligraphy book-  like the ones we made with kids way back when, except that the imagery is all beautiful calligraphic lines. I spent WAY too much on it, and probably will have to take it all apart and re-attach but I couldn't just leave it there.  It's in my trunk or I'd take a picture.  On my way out I spied the whole stack of old Time Life cookbooks of the world and reminisced  about them-  she grabbed a few and stuck two in my bag so I too can make paper chains!

Lots of playful stuff today!

Xray of toys: Brendan FITZPATRICK   Brendan Fitzpatrick on Behance

Last night one of my friends opened up her house for a cocktail party for our whole group-  almost 200 people!  I was expecting a beautiful place but was blown away by a simply perfect Vermont house, stone and timber frame, with views that went on for miles.  Of course it helps when tree are antique quilts hanging on every wall!  What a setting, and believe it or not 200 people were not a crowd-  wonderful flow through the place, no bottlenecks of people or blocked exits to get out on the terraces to enjoy the views.  These are the nicest people and I am so happy they have such a magnificent home.  Today I am headed out to visit some of their shopping recommendations (yarn, antique know the drill)  while TY finishes up with his golf.  Then we have to blast back to fetch Molly before 4, then Pepper before 6.  

 Israel’s Vicka Bahana’s polymer clay jewelry available on Etsy designed Bengal bracelet Black Red White pattern 1 by vickapcarttsy

I can't resist-  more of that miniature food!

Kim Burke’s miniature food sculptures are so realistic you’ll want to eat them in one bite. Inspired by the photorealist movement, Burke creates flawless dollhouse-scale meals from actual photographs, positioned at various angles for maximum accuracy. Each plate of food, so small as to be balanced on a human fingertip, is carefully rendered from clay using needles, razor blades, and a rock for texture. Chalk pastels add color. For cake frosting, Burke uses Translucent Liquid Sculpey mixed with solid clay. The artist’s company, Fairchild Art, offers a range of plates, from sweet to savory dishes, each at a 1:12 scale.

Balancing act.

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