Monday, September 29, 2014

highway amerada bittersweet

“It is a well-known fact that we see the faults in other’s works more readily 
than we do in our own.” Pablo Picasso

WHAT A HELL OF A DAY.  TY announced at O:dawn thirty this morning that he was going to the gym so I would have to wait for the pool guy due at 9.  I needed to run an errand so I went out immediately but my car was dead in the driveway, wouldn't turn over and just made a CLUNK when I pushed the starter button.  So I came inside and spent way too long trying to call the car dealership to get it in to fix it.  Meanwhile TY left the house, and the pool guy called to say he would be late.  Finally I was able to find my way around the hideous voice mail at the dealership and they arranged for the tow at 11:29 (yeah, I couldn't believe it either) .
Tow Truck's first trip, gorgeous hot sunny day.  Tow truck misses our appointment by only 2 hours, insists to me out the truck window that it's the battery, I insist it isn't.  He gets out his jumper cables and blue box and charges that sucker up in no time.  Seems that computerized cars make that CLUNK when the battery is dead.  Who knew.   But the guy was good humored (his name as Felix!) and away he went.  No charge.   Glad it's just their voicemail that sucks.  But of course as soon as he was gone I took the car out for a little run, brought it home and an hour later it was dead again.  Repeat process trying to call, said they be here by 5.  Ha. The last trip out here was at 10:30 PM in the driving rain, and they finally took my beloved car away!  Drat. 

  Pool guy arrived in his red and white van announcing Rhino POOL LEAKS on the back, and he proceeded to stick hoses in the pool and start the draining after checking the local water table to make sure we are OK.  It did drain amazingly fast and I had the pleasure of him having to strip down to get in the pool to encourage the last parts.  He then proceeded to start drilling out the drain which is apparent;ty- he sez-  the source of the problem.  He has been in the damn pool with his jackhammer and drills all day and the sun is beating down like crazy today. Poor guy (I keep checking to see if his shirt comes off again!)  
Red Rhino comes equipped with giant red buckets that say 'LET'S DO IT!' on 'em.  They shirts say Red Rhino as do the trucks.  I say plural trucks because I got three guys in three trucks with three buckets by the end of the afternoon.  
My empty pool, The Rhino guy #1, and one of their buckets  Work commencing.  Things go downhill by late afternoon.

TY goes out to lunch since I am stuck waiting for the tow truck.  The dogs continue barking their wee heads off.  The jackhammer continues.  I start watching my murder shows for tips.  Love the ID channel, 24 hour murders.

What???  You don't care about all this?  You got problems of your own?  Oh, I'm sorry.  Want to hear the big one-  I was going to enter a quilt into the Food show for SAQA, I read about it months ago and kind of put it out of my mind until I got a notice that entries are due today.  I went to check and it's TOO BIG, I can't enter it.  Bummer.  I think I am going to stay away from sharp instruments the rest of the day.

Blogging isn't sharp, in fact today it's pretty dull.   (heh heh heh)  So on to the arty parts-  today is Ceramics of different kinds

Helsinki-based artist Caroline Slotte manipulates artwork found on acquired antique ceramics to create layered landscapes and isolated images. One of her most striking bodies of work titled Landscape Multiple involves a process of carving and sanding through stacked dinner plates to create new, unexpected landscapes.  If you can see these images larger, do so-  this is stunning work!

The gif lady is at it again, bye bye grannie!

Montana based artist Giselle Hicks creates ceramic items which evoke the spirits of domesticity and romanticism. A bouquet of tulips. Flowers overflowing from a vase. A tabletop etched with stylized flowers and covered with ceramic folded napkins.
vessels:  “I produce three-dimensional paintings out of pots. The studio challenge is to determine a way to create containers that belong not only on the dinner table, but also elsewhere in the home. Many of my pots are status symbols saved for special occasions, generally deemed distinct because of the value of what they hold rather than for what they are. But to me, in between such occasions, they become canvases that visually illustrate the defining spirit of the times, despite their being utilitarian and made of clay, not canvas. They still need to do their job; to be genuine, they must be functional as well as opulent. But they can be so much more.”

A series of small sculptures by Yuriko Yamaguchi. They are so minimal and beautiful. The main material here is wood, but the artist also creates installations using other materials such as wax, wire, bonze, etc. I invite you to visit her website to see more of her work.

And of course that is exactly what I'm doing.

9 PM update:  The pool guy had to call in reinforcements and re-plumb the drain because his drill slipped.  Next thing I knew there were three trucks in the driveway, and three guys in the empty pool and big black clouds.  They finished and said they hoped it wouldn't rain and give the cement a chance to set-up.  It was pouring before the trucks turned around.

I went to go pick up a few things for diner and the car was re-dead.  It took me seven phone calls to reach the tow company again and they were supposed to be here by 7:44 (yeah, they did that weird number thing again!)  An hour and 15 minutes ago.  The rain is pelting, I don't want to even go out to give him my key, doubt he will want to load it on the truck either.  I hate today.  I think I'll go watch 'Shahs of Sunset'.  There, now you know how completely bummed I am.

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Janet W said...

How do you find all this amazing art? There is rarely a piece that I don't like.