Sunday, November 30, 2014

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"Wit is educated insolence." (Aristotle)  

If you didn't like, or actually if you DID like, my rant about the Maltese 'Therapy' dog flying with me on the plane, read this-  arrived today:

Pig kicked off of US Airways plane

Posted: Nov 29, 2014 7:25 AM ESTUpdated: Nov 29, 2014 7:28 AM EST

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (AP) - This was a pig that truly could not fly.
The pig was ordered off a U.S. Airways plane at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Wednesday after crewmembers determined the animal had become disruptive.
Laura Masvidal, a spokeswoman for U.S. Airways parent American Airlines, said Friday the pig was brought aboard by a passenger as an emotional support animal.
She said both the pig and its owner left the aircraft before it took off.
Jonathan Skolnik, a University of Massachusetts professor who was also a passenger, told ABC News that the pig - which he estimated to weigh about 50-70 pounds, was on a leash but began walking back and forth.
Masdival says under federal guidelines emotional support animals are allowed on commercial flights as long as they're not disruptive
And I have an emotional support therapy squirrel I will sell you-
Yikes, I need to change my subject!  How 'bout ceramics today?  We'll start with these amazing constructions reminiscent of sea creatures and based on fractals according to the article I found associated with them.

Irish artist Nuala O’Donovan sculpts intricate hand-built porcelain forms that resemble fractal patterns found in nature. Borrowing from shapes found in coral, teasel flowers, and pinecones, O’Donovan examines not only patterns, but irregularities that arise from random or unexpected events. From her artist statement:
'The result of using the characteristics of fractal geometry in making decisions regarding the form of the sculptural pieces, is that the form is resolved but retains a sense of potential change. The viewer engages with the piece by allowing their own visual experiences to influence their view of the outcome of the form and its future possibilities.' 

The next work is about as different as one could get using the same materials, and equally mind-boggling!

When stopping to consider these masterful ceramic objects by artist by Matthew Chambers, a flood of familiar images came to mind as I tried to understand what I was looking at. The aperture of a camera, the protective shell of a curled up armadillo, ocean waves, bowls of pasta, or portals to other dimensions; all valid reactions to these hand-built ceramic vessels and sculptures that contain dozens of thin concentric layers.

In wasting time this morning rather than hitting the ground running, this came up on my screen, giving me a little shock-  should I order one since I am the last Townsend in my truncated line?  Will anybody listen to me any better?  I'm already handling EVERYTHING, would this prove it?  And finally, should I start a Kickstarter to buy all the things I want?

Off to the squirrel part-
This isn't the emotional-support-therapy-squirrel, just a doppleganger.  This one lives somewhere in a Georgia tree I think and the picture was taken by my old friend from both high school and college, Warren Flick, and posted on his blog 'Later Living'  Go visit-  he writes some wonderful essays and also is a great photographer.  In fact he most probably climbed the freakin' tree to get up close and personal!  

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