Tuesday, December 02, 2014

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"Illusion is the first of all pleasures." (Oscar Wilde)

My session helping at the Special Olympics fundraiser is over.  Last night we went to the silent auction and the only thing I really wanted was a private tour of a nearby Chimp Sanctuary that isn't open to the public.  I bid on it last year and didn't get it, so this year I had prepared myself to up the amount considerably-  but alas, it eluded me again.  Next year I am gonna sit on the bid sheet so nobody knows it's there...
This morning I was on the golf course at 6:45 to watch for a hole-in-one and verify it.  The guy who does get one, gets a new Mercedes so we were eagle eyes.  Nobody got it during my shift, hope somebody did after I left.  But the fundraiser was again successful,  FUN-raiser, and the kids will get their activities funded so all is well.

Gearing up for Art Basel this weekend, though I am sure I am in way over my head.  We picked out a couple of shows we want to get to on Saturday but also have room for something Friday afternoon-  I am just leery of short-circuiting and not want ing to see ANYthing, so I'm building other things into the activities of the weekend.  

In the House Developments, today the guys were having themselves a fiesta up there on their scaffolding and ladders!  The radio was blaring Spanish music, they were sort of salsa-ing along their boards holding huge cement blocks buttered with mortar.  do-do-do-do- doo, Ploop!  And repeat.  They had built the walls up to the height of the first floor on the part that IS the first floor.  There were many of them swarming when I did my drive by so I only got a few pictures and had to run.

So exciting, I can really 'see' what it's going to be eventually.  The 2nd picture shows my cha-cha boys standing in my living room.  I should have videoed it WITH the sound!

Today I'm cleaning the files again and discovered I have a few 'body coverings that almost, if your imagination stretches a bit,body coverings.

It all started when Mary Phelps Jacobs filed for a patent for a chest flattering brassiere in 1914.  So, to celebrate the anniversary someone found a story about the Giant Bra Ball below:

 In the mid-1990’s  San Francisco Bay Area artist Ron Nicolino began collecting bras for his planned performance piece, “Bras Across the Grand Canyon” The plan was not approved, and he was left with tens of thousands of bras that had been donated by women from all over the world.
He took his plight to the San Francisco Chronicle, which published his desire to donate the bras to a worthy cause. Emily Duffy, another Bay Area artist, answered the call and offered to take a few hundred. She would use them to make a car bra for her “Vain Van.”
But Nicolino wasn’t interested in giving away just a few—he wanted to unload his entire inventory.
From that point on in their initial conversation, both artists claimed the idea of a Giant Braball and they both lawyered up for a cantankerous fight.
Nicolino hauled his 14,000 bras around on a flatbed for a few years, appearing in parades and on display.  He died up in Washington State in 2009 only three weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, and the braball seems to have disappeared, though some accounts have it housed in his mother's garage.  Duffy's competing braball is on display in the  American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

So, we now return to Japan for some clothing in department stores with English phrases-

More to come another day, I don't want to bore you!

And thanks again to my CA friend, Sue, writing from the home of the Braball up in Mendicino, our first Squirrel Christmas ornament!  (I love connections, don't you?)

Marimekko Lamppupampula Squirrel Ornament

Adorn your Christmas tree or home with the Marimekko Lamppupampula Squirrel Ornament.
Inspired by the traditional Finnish folklore like the motifs of Sanna Annukka’s Kukkuluuruu print.

Or whatevah!  

Side note-  do you have any idea how hard autocorrect wanted me to change BRABALL to barbell?  I had to change it back about 40 times!  I'm sure you'll find some I missed.

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