Tuesday, December 16, 2014

appraisal ruben alameda

"Painting is the most magical of mediums," said Chuck Close. "The transcendence is truly amazing to me every time I go to a museum and I see how somebody figured another way to rub colored dirt on a flat surface and make space where there is no space or make you think of a life experience."

Dog Day Again.  Molly had her 6 month checkup with the eye doc who operated on her cataracts and all is great with her.  

Pepper had his bandage changed and is on a new round of antibiotics to stave off an infection.  Other than that he is doing well too, another check up in three days.  This time they gave him a LEOPARD PRINT bandage, very classy, which I just noticed isn't visible in this picture.  Sigh.  He's making a political statement for his peeps back in Tibet.

Psychologists at Miami University have found that people who own pets are more conscientious, more social and they have better self-esteem and healthier relationship styles."

The Gingerbread Man Day
The Cookie Cutters:  one was not attached correctly so the cutter had to be held in a *special* way or it would't cut.  I am so mad I might take it back-  cost way too much money and not even symmetrical.  Harrumph.  Already you can see I have an attitude...

Made a double batch of dough yesterday and it was cold for rolling today.  Borrowed a rolling pin from my walking pal, and then another friend gave me one because she had duplicates.  I worked with a wealth of rolling pins.

And ended up with a wealth of gingerbread guys.

And crummy shaped houses.

Today I got a Christmas present from Moo, as in Moo cards-  a poster and cards and writing paper  that kind of reminded me of Keith Haring so I made Keith Haring Gingerbread men-  wish I would have thought to do this before baking because I could have stretched them into dancing shapes!  Sorry the picture is sideways-  these are going to my art group with the ATC cards tomorrow morning.  The Moo present was a perfect cookie presentation box, flat like a pizza box but rectangular.  

A set of conjoined twins

And the bunch of google eyed construction workers, ready to go tomorrow afternoon to the job site.

Quick bit o' art today, basically MUD and ROCKS.  Amazing what one can do with nothing, eh?

Artist and painter Yusuke Asai has a new mud mural on display at Houston’s Rice Gallery. Working day and night with a team of assistants, the Japanese artist, who is known for his “earth paintings” made from locally sourced mud and dirt, spent just under 2 weeks covering the walls and floors of the gallery with soil collected in Houston. “There are so many kinds of soil in Houston and Texas,” says Asai. “Initially I had hoped for 10 different shades, and ended up with 27: the widest spectrum of colors representing a specific place that I have ever used.”

Back in 2009, Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo of Novastructura released a series of generative digital “sculptures” that depicted carefully organized pebbles and rocks on a flat plane. Titled Stone Fields, the works were inspired in part by similar land art pieces by English sculptor Richard Long. As the images spread around the web (pre-dating this publication entirely) many people were somewhat disheartened to learn the images were created with software instead of tweezers, a testament to Randazzo’s C++ programming skills used to create a custom application that rendered 3D files based on a number of parameters. Fast forward to 2014, and technology has finally caught up with Randazzo’s original vision. The designer recently teamed up with Shapeways to create physical prototypes of the Stone Fields project. He shares about the process:

I don't 'get' the spelling but then this is not a high ticket broadcast either.  Ricki-  you watching this?  You should!

Okey doke- random title-check, poster-check, quote-check, me-me-me- check, art-check, and squirrel- check check and check.  I'm outta here.

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