Sunday, December 14, 2014

bradley complex demerit

"In the end, everything is a gag." (Charlie Chaplin)

Pepper seems to be doing well, but it's hell keeping him off the wet grass.  he gets his dressing changed again tomorrow and we'll know more how he's healing when we talk to the vet after his appointment.  Funnily enough we also have a 6 month check tomorrow for Molly's eyes-  she seems to be able to see well and I think her cataract surgery was a big success.  I hope...

All these doggie appointments have seriously cut into my Christmas prep, so have to get cracking' this week and get some things ordered and mailed.  I've basically got the kids taken care of but have some things to finalize.  Thanks to some Facebook friends who I was joking with about the house project, I drove an hour to Boca Saturday to the Big Mall and after going to 3  (count ';em-  three!) kitchen stores, finally scored the gingerbread man and the house cookie cutters I need to make cookies for the guys climbing around the rafters.  
Today between thirty interruptions I got to Publix for molasses and dark brown sugar and managed to get the batter made and refrigerated.  It has to chills several hours before rolling out and baking so in preparation for that I went on a hunt for a rolling pin.  I know I had one here, but discovered my 'rolling pin vision' was back in MA.  So tomorrow I either break down and buy another rolling pin or go door to door until a neighbor relinquishes one. So that's my project for tomorrow to get these little guys rolled and baked and cooled so I can stick on their googlie eyes and yellow hard hats.

I stopped at the studio to gather up my ATC's for the SAQA meeting on Tuesday up in Stuart.  I made too many, plan to keep back a few for other occasions when I see how many members show up.  Here are a couple of examples of different types, running from 2x3" on up to 5x7"- standardization ain't my thing!

and a closer look

So, now it's time to talk about Art-  so what's up with these GOATS?

Noble animals, eh?    Commercial photographer Kevin Horan decided it was high time for an artistically neglected group of barnyard animals to step into the spotlight: goats and sheep. In 2007, Horan moved from Chicago to Whidbey Island, Washington where he approached a neighbor about photographing one of his sheep. The neighbor agreed and his portrait series Chattel was born.

When we last covered the pen and ink drawings of Ben Sack, the artist was in residency aboard the m/s Amsterdam, a ship that circumnavigated the globe from January through April 2014. Sack’s latest drawings are partially influenced by stops in dozens of port cities during the expedition. As well as geography, his drawings are heavily influenced by architecture, history, and classical music.  Sack’s largest work, Chronoglyph, will be on view with Robert Fontaine Gallery at CONTEXT Art Miami this week, and you can watch a timelapse of its creation here.

Shhh, Bebe Sleeping!

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Sandy said...

You probably already solved the rolling pin situation. But if not, a jar or round bottle do just as well! you can even do ice in the jar to keep the dough at proper rolling consistency...if you are fussed about that kind of thing.
Sandy in the UK