Wednesday, December 17, 2014

arose crossover mend

Any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries
 and therefore influences. (Josef Albers)

3 AM I heard some munching going on under the bed, chose to ignore it, but it continued so I investigated and Pepper had removed his leopard bandage like a lobster shedding it's shell and proceeded to open all his stitches.  I grabbed him and put a cone on his head and a leash tied to the bed and tried to put a sock on the open incision.  He wouldn't stand for it, so I gave him a sedative and we all went back to sleep until 7:30 when the vet opened.  The vet had to re-stitch him up but got interrupted by another emergency so this took the whole morning.  I picked up a very groggy dog sporting a tiger print bandage this time.  He's been sleeping it off all afternoon and is on strict orders to stop his self destructive lifestyle!  Poor guy.  Back to full-time cone and leash wherever he goes.
Pepper laughing at me.

Me?  I'm exhausted.  And worried.  But the upside is being stuck at home for the morning got some laundry done and some peppermint bark made and chili on the stove for tonight.  I've been a bit lax in the housekeeping department, only picking up when somebody is coming over to see the place, and things have gotten out of hand.  

The house is progressing so much, the plywood is going on the roof today and I've been dealing with the plumbing place and the wood floor places-  trying to decide how to save some bucks yet get the things I want-  I'm not good at this at all.  Guess my guys are proceeding on a sugar high, bless their hearts.  

I've not been able to work much in the studio for so long-  can't even predict even a short a window of time that I will be there for Comcast to get my internet back.  There is a show coming up I want to be included in, but the deadline is looming and I don't have anything far enough along to photograph, let alone finish up.  This has been a bad fall for work, just can't get back into the groove of production!  I wish I could blame it on the dog's health issues or the house and all that's involved with that, but the bottom line is I am just too scattered to think of anything more than the today date on the calendar.

OK, so much for Sandy's Pity Party.  We will get on with some art, I will go eat chili and make some cornbread, and go to sleep early with a drugged dog's leash in my hand.

Conceptual artist and illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius posesses an imagination to covet. While most of his digital painting is centered around character design, his larger landscapes seen here are rich in detail, creating impossible but ingenious juxtapositions of water, land, and haphazard architecture. 

Time making of from Gediminas Pranckevicius

Katrina Majkut, 2 M9 Guns, Thread and Cross Stitch Fabric, 15 x 12 inches, 2014. Courtesy the artist.  Back when she was still working on her thesis, consisting mainly of large paintings, on one wall were some tiny cross stitch pieces that we could not stop looking at.  She told us that the technique had been taught to her by her grandmother.  There was a humor and honesty in the juxtaposition of the subject matter and the medium that we loved.  Having recently checked in with the artist, we were delighted to see this body of work had evolved.  

While this sculpture may be every couch potato’s dream snack, it actually presents deeper, more powerful issues at hand. In her sculptural piece ‘WARNING’, visual artist Sharareh Khosravani uses cheese puffs to humorously bring about the topic of recent violent incidents.

Bet this guy would love a gun of cheetos

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