Sunday, December 07, 2014

pence breach firmware

I am posting this for it's IRONIC meaning, see below, same saffron color! 

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.
—Painter and theorist Wassily Kandinsky

I know, I've been missing for a while, but we were away and the condo we were in didn't have the code available for internet.  Drat that I took all my cords and computer-  couldn't do a thing!

Art Basel Miami was unbelievable-  we stayed in a friend’s condo on Fisher Island, a very fancy schmancy island that is accessible only be ferry to any place else.  Quite an impressive place, all Moorish architecture, midrises, and the ferry comes every 15 minutes to bring in the folks who keep it clean and tidy and fed, and those that need to get off pull their cars on the ferry and away they go!  I would HATE living there.  You stand on the prisitine beach with the yachts in a marina next to the tiki bars and South American women in flowing caftans speaking with thier hands.  All so friggin' beautiful.

Off that island, into Miami, then double back on the causeway to get to Miami Beach.  The whole island was covered with these arenas and tents and the convention center and every hotel and motel had converted into exhibition spaces.  We were in at 11 in line to only see the convention center galleries-  over 300 of them from all the world over.  Believe it or not we managed about 3 hours before we hit the wall.  We didn’t buy anything but did find a few things we both liked—HOWEVAH most of the art started in the 5 figures and climbed swiftly and bewilderingly into 6 figures, and up from there.  Some looked like art school efforts, lots was too political and doen’t wear well, some too overtly sexual.  But in amongst those were some high concept ideas we both enjoyed, and that alone was worth the price of admission ($30 senior ticlket x 2 +valet parking at $20 +tip)  Valet parking was a necessity, there wasn’t a parking place in the whole city.  Only way we could actually get out of the car.  

So, after 3 hours and a $5 bottle of water (x2!) TY wanted to get into Miami to Little Havana where he had some fond memories from 40 years ago.  Took us 2 hours to go just a few miles but he did find a place, an old world Cuban place with real guys argueing about their coffee machine and real Chet Baker posters on the wall because he played there (!!!)   Both of us love Chet Baker so had a wonderful time in this saloon with all the doors open to the street and fans going overhead and Cuban jazz that broke off only when the coffee guys started playing their instruments and attracted a crowd on the sidewalks.  A fun afternoon.  Check Hypoallergenic for a couple of great reports and best-of articles about the show

Then back to the island paradise with the fancy condo overlooking the beach for a bit of time at the tiki bar and a mojito that I swear was about a quart.  We watched the sun glinting off Miami highrises and walked the docks looking at the yachts feeling sorry for ourselves that we liked the Cuban bar and felt more comfortable there than with all the fancy people.

The condo had Direct TV so we watched three movies and fell asleep about 10.

This morning we got dressed and packed up our stuff and headed down to Biscayne Bay National Park, but first stopped on South Beach for some coffee and breakfast and people watching and Buddhist monk panhandling.  Seems any bald guy can dye his clothes some color of puke saffron and ask for money.  We couldn't get  through the sidewalks without encountering 4 or 5 to a block.  Have to watch the people because you can’t talk to them-  nobody has English.  Doubled back over the causeway again and off to the National Prk.  We arrived about 11 and took a long boardwalk stroll in an isolated and beautiful park about 45 miles south of Miami.  The park was well kept and new, with good displays and the quilt show was upstairs.  We went in to see it because we were getting antsy to get on the road home and decided to see the exhibit but not wait for the opening at 1.  We had to be back in Jupiter at about 4 to get the dogs out of the slammer and time was a wastin’!  The show was good-  you’ll be able to see it at a National Park near you sometime in the next 3 years of it’s tour.  I'll send the itinary as it gets formed, after Glacier and Yellowstone, and who knows where else, it ends up in New England with the Statue of Liberty park, Bayberry National Seashore on the Cape, and finally Lowell .  

Made it home before the kennel closed for the night so they are happily snoozing on my feet. I’m exhausted, and oh so happy to be out of the car.  No internet access, we didn’t have the code  so I have to finally write a blog post before I hit the bed.

It was fun to go, I don’t think I’ll be doing that again ever-  too too much.  I do however look anxiously forward to the Palm Beach show which is a bit more manageable for this country mouse. 

No pictures tonight, I'm too over-saturated and my brain aches.
We will resume our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.  And to prove that it is actually ME back at it again, a squirrel for ya!  This is the same one from the other day that Warren sent me, a different angle.

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