Thursday, January 22, 2015

adhesive companion poison

“Creativity takes courage. ” 

Busy day here-  I got to the Plumbing showroom and cancelled a bunch of expensive stuff, yet ended up withy a bunch of things I like better, or at least enough!  Saved pile of money and kept things in check so that worked out really well.  And there I was in West Palm a few blocks from the annual Fine Arts Fair, with two free possession my pocket!  So I went.  Unfortunately I got there a bit too early and rather than take a nap on a bench like a homeless person, I went across the street to City Place.  There I poked around the shoppes until the fair opened so back I went and enjoyed looking at the art.  A few of the things were being recycled as I had seem them before.  And there were a few things I really liked, but I didn't want to buy anything as I had just whined my way OUT of spending money.  I'll buy some art when I SELL some art-  my usual policy.

And walking through the place I was DUMBSTRUCK to see this:
On the left, the pink one, is an artist's work on convex acrylic with a leaf design background and crows surrounding the figure.  On the right is 'Eight is for Grief', a quilt of mine from 1990, nude figure surrounded by 8 crows.  His lights up with a bulb behind the sheet of acrylic, mine lights up with the gold fabrics and symbols   Geesh, in the photo they aren't so close, but in person they are the same thing?!  Who do I sue?    

I didn't get home until after three, but I still have another free ticket to use so I may go back to walk the aisles in a different direction to see what I missed.

It’s no secret that Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson is fond of food. After all, giant slices of crocheted pizza, cracked eggs, bacon, hot dogs, and much more are strapped onto the top or side of his head. They take the form of decorative hats and costumes that frame the wearer’s face, and their larger-than-life scale makes them a delight. 

wee crocheted squirrel with a teased tail

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