Wednesday, January 21, 2015

bonfire teacup wishful

We're starting out BIG today because it's officially
so natch, I am in a celebratory mode

"When you don't know where to start, just go to a place you miss so much." (Toba Beta)

Yahoo, the 'Dead Ladies Doilies' quilt got accepted into the Southern show I had entered and, to add a special dollop of good news, they asked for another piece of mine too.  Always glad to oblige! So I have to do a bit of jiggering to get it to lie flat without special hanging directions but they are off to the show as a duo!  The second quilt is a 'southern' quilt because the photo imagery was from a construction site on my street.  I always liked it but never entered it anywhere-  it's maiden voyage is luckily the Textile Museum.  Waiting was worth it.  

Off in the early AM to reassess the plumbing stuff I ordered because it's way out of the allotment, sigh.  back to ordinary toilets but I won't give up my fancy powder room sink...  I am getting a bit tired of this, hope this is the end of the 'Let's Make a Deal' part of building.  Then to reward myself after driving all the way down there I'll stop at the Convention Center to drool through Art Palm Beach.  

An empty shop has been turned into an art installation featuring crocheted animals designed to mimic taxidermy.It is the work of artist Shauna Richardson, who created the world's largest single-handed crochet sculpture as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
People can view the "crochetdermy" through the window of 33 Cank Street in Leicester city centre.  Richardson, who lives in Leicester, said she wanted to bring her art "out of the gallery".

Prominently displayed at the entrance of Women and Their Work is Elaine

Bradford’s name and the exhibition title, Freaks of Nurture. The words

sit atop a turquoise wall covered with gray and baby-blue stripes. They
entice us like the call of a sideshow carney to come and see the
strange wonders we are about to behold.

no animals were hurt very much in this production

And finally, for Squirrel Appreciation Day, a wedding cake!  
Good for other special squirrley occasions besides weddings too.

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