Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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(I have my doubts as to whether Kiki would appreciate the font!)

W. Somerset Maugham said, “I write only when inspiration strikes. 
Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

I'm at the point that I can't remember what the hell I spent my time on before this house project.  Seems that every day I have a meeting with someone, usually in Hell's Half Acre, FL which you cannot get to from here.  Today it's the door and moulding guy.   Is that mould or mold?   Yesterday the electrical walk-through.  All that happens in these visits and meetings is I pick out a bunch of stuff from their offerings, get home and wonder what rolling ball has hit me for the choices I made!  So, I make lists, do some internet checking, and end up calling to cancel half the order the next day.  Double the trouble, not necessarily double the fun.  

In the midst of all this chaos I have found solace with 'Breaking Bad' and am now in Season 3.  Seems like watching somebody else's chaos makes mine so much more livable!  NOT cooking and selling meth is my game, who has time?  I did spend some time in the studio yesterday with the White Dog who had explosive bowels so I had to be ready to run at first fart.  Most of my time was spent putting the shelves back from the open area where the cable guy had to go and where the bugs go to breed, then breaking down a bunch of boxes I had been thinking maybe I'll need.  I finally decided that they would be way too heavy for me to pack and lift so out they went.  Also I was able to throw out a drawers worth of dried up pens which I admit I HOARD.  
One never knows when one might need dried up pens.
I did manage to install the third sleeve on the lace quilt so now it's hanging pretty flat and ready to go.  Go where, you ask?  Why anywhere I manage to get an entry posted and that is the problem.  No incentive to exhibit lately, too much to keep track of.
What I DO know is I need the room because so many of my vendors now want me to 'take delivery' on their stuff-  like I need 4 toilets in my studio for 6 months???  I don't think so.  Me and 'Houston' seem to have a problem in a few areas.
Speaking of Houston, I am off to meet with him in 20 minutes, 'him' being the construction manager.  I got a cryptic phone message last night that we gotta talk.

A couple of really bad ideas in the tattoo world:

Lots more where these came from.

Any you folks in the northeast think you've got it bad-  
check out what's happening in Iceland and Greenland!
    There's an interesting construction/excavation project going on over in Iceland right now: an artificial tunnel and cave complex being dug into the Langjökull Glacier. When complete, the publicly accessible infra-glacial facility "will consist of numerous nooks and dens which will house exhibitions, information, restaurants and even a small chapel for those who would like to marry deep within an ice cap."Bringing tourists nearly 100 feet below the surface of the glacier, the structure is expected to become semi-permanent, lasting through the summer months for years to come.

Reminiscent of Camp Century, a sprawling complex under the Greenland icecap of prefabricated architectural units and steel arches installed within the ice cap, and, astonishingly, it was powered by a portable nuclear reactor. Watch this restored 1959 film

Also about Greenland-  Murray Fredericks amazing photography of the Greenland sky:  Australian photographer Murray Fredericks isn’t afraid to venture into the vast unknown, often for long periods of time and in challenging environments. In his youth he spent significant time in the Himalayas and the deserts of the Middle East – wilderness that provided him with a basis for his approach as a photographer. In one of his latest series titled Topophilia, he traveled to Greenland six different times with his camping gear, large camera and supplies to access far out places. In this series, he sought to convey “an emotional experience of space.”

Wooowoooo.  And that is that with Iceland and Greenland for now.

I just took a test on Facebook and one of the questions was  'What is Your Spirit Animal?' with a choice of a bunch of things including a squirrel.  I closed the app right there because I could NOT decide whether the squirrel was indeed 'it', or whether I even have a spirit animal.  Who does have one anyway?  Remember I have gone through rabbits and crows with abandon, now do I have to move on to hanging with rodents just because I think they are fun to watch?  (OK, watch, collect,laugh at, and show all of you!)  SO, today I am presenting to you my OFFICIAL NON-SPIRIT Animal, Mascot to the Muse, Any Old Squirrel!  Or Squirrel-Substitute.
 I know this isn't a squirrel.  I like upside down chipmunks too.

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