Saturday, January 17, 2015

dollop cockatoo cairn

Sargent made many attempts to produce the effect he wanted, and rejected all. 
"He needed several chances to arrive at spontaneity." (Carter Ratcliff)

Big doings over at the new house.  Now that the walls are going up I can really see the size and relationship of the rooms- some things I am happily surprised at. other I am not so happily surprised at!
Guest room to the left, sitting room overlooking the living room

The UNFORTUNATE view from the guest room, who knew, we had never been up there!  Three windows overlooking roof-views.  Oh well.

First floor line of sight and the new arches blocked in

The stairway, which is how I got up there finally!  Also shows overlook from little sitting room/ office up there and front entry below.

Silver walls...  Hmmmm...I could live with that!

Another house showing today, apparently they really liked it except they wanted a fancy bathtub.  Agent told them we took out a fancy tub and built the horse-stall shower but they could easily stick a tub back in.  Doubt we will hear from them again, I'm not redoing the bathroom on their say so.  But that's four showings in less than a week and I am getting dishpan hands from scrubbing up after my own messes to keep the place cleaned! This really sucks, I can't even leave my knitting out, can't get to the studio on a regular basis, and barely can take a shower so I don't leave a wet towel.  

To continue with the Regretsy items you shouldn't knit, how about some birdies? 
 Actually a beautiful bunch of budgies. 

Or an Octopussy

Or jackets for rats

Or wee pug jumpers

Aran sweaters for chickens?

Angler fish

Whale sharks
And that reminds me of catfish which of course leads into:

The look about says it all.

Let's go to a parade-

Zundert, a small town in the Netherlands located at the Belgian border, hosts the world’s biggest flower parade, featuring twenty floats of twenty meters long and ten meters high using mostly dahlias in their designs. This year, 2014, saw an exceptionally beautiful and most creative display of flower floats for the parade, in every perceiveable shape, color and idea. It is a truly amazing feast for the eyes. Zundert, incidentally, is where Vincent van Gogh was born

And speaking of small towns:

 Kendal Murray makes miniature sculptures inventing various scenes with miniature characters, but whose stories are life sized. Scenes of families at the beach or sailing toy sailboats, and friends exploring a perilous landscape of wood clothes pegs are some of Murray’s creations. Her invented landscapes built atop compact mirrors, bowls, glass jars and teapots, and clutch purses exist somewhere between their own world and our own. Because they’re built on regular, albeit mildly nostalgic objects, the viewer is reminded of their existence in our own world, but they also seem to live in their own contained reality, ending at the limits of the object.

(I have this dry eye problem, and now have to use special stuff to keep my eyes clean, use drops for hydration, and other drops to keep the pressure down.  Seems that there is a bacterial infection and I am ordered to throw out all my eye makeup.  Ohhhh, that HURT!  There is a whole wastepaper basket full of old mascara, eyeshadows from the last century, and eyeliner in every color of brown.  At the drugstore where I bought he medication I also got a new mascara and shadow and eyeliner, none of which are anything but emergency brands until I can get to Sephora.)
And today I did get to the mall, went zipping through Anthropologie and found the sale table with one of these waiting for me:
It was marked down from it's normal price which was marked down again an then there was a 40% off ticket on that, so the nutcracker cost me $2.47.  How could I not get it?  There as also a teeshirt with rampant squirrels on it but I couldn't squeeze my body into it  though I did consider buying two and melding them together.  But I came out of my stupor and figured you guys would appreciate the nutcrackin' squirrel better anyway.  See how well I know ya?   I was so excited over the squirrel nutcracker and squirrel tee shirt that I forgot to go to Sephora.  It's tough being old.

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Janet W said...

And did you see the nesting measuring cups with a squirrel handle at Anthropologie? Not on sale, so there's still time to get a set.